Those who embarrass you are not worth embarrassing yourself.

Those who embarrass you are not worth embarrassing yourself.
Say it silently three times a day: I want to be a selfish happy ghost.

at that time, before the payment date, I awkwardly sent a "out of money" meme to the group.

there may be many people like me.

so we did this solicitation. I hope it will not only help you sort out those "unspeakable" moments, but also find a way to say "no" to others.


@ Everglow

there is never too much assembly in the mobile phone. But every time a friend sent a lot of links, asked me to help bargain, I still went to download.

@ octopus sail

at this time, you can better see your needs and learn to please yourself.

at that time, I thought that for people like me who are used to pandering, it is too important to meet a partner who can make me confident.

@ Momomo

she often offers to try the dishes on my plate. I don't refuse decisively, but ask, "shall I try yours, too?"

@ Xiaoting is very cute

my friend wants the right answer. Let me take a picture and send it all to him.

after all, human relationship is also a kind of exchange, which can only be maintained by coming and going.

at that time, the living expenses were urgent, and I had to invite her to dinner when I went out with her, which was really a burden in terms of expenses.

I also know that lies may be exposed, but that's the gentlest way I can think of not to brush other people's face.


after opening a video member, my roommate often asks me to borrow an account.

is a little afraid of being exposed, and I don't want to make this relationship very stiff;

I, who is used to pleasing others, belittles myself even if I refuse.

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when reading, the class should draw a blackboard.

at that time, I wanted to go home early to do my homework, but I was embarrassed to refuse her directly, so I said, "if it becomes a ghost symbol, don't blame me."

@ Ake

but there are also occasions where it is difficult to evade, they will say to them, "I am very ugly on camera, and then you will have to repair the picture for most of a day."

once you've agreed on each other's bottom line, don't change it.

@ Anonymous

I haven't learned to refuse, just because I haven't touched your interests and bottom line yet.

there is no need to feel ashamed to say no. This is also a process of getting to know each other.

if you reject a good friend, a good friend will not become a bad friend; if you promise a bad friend, a bad friend will not become a good friend.

@ ah, yes

my colleague's residence permit has been less than half a year. I can't enter the house after buying a car. I want to transfer it to my name first. I replied, "No, I'll be responsible in case something happens." If the car is in my name, I will take the risk. "

you don't have to say yes reluctantly, and the one who is worth embarrassing yourself will not embarrass you at all. and the one who makes you feel embarrassed is not worth it.


the tactful refusal of doing everything possible may help us to ward off temporary trouble, but after a long time, there will still be a large backlog of grievances.

after that, every rejection makes sense.

good night.

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