This tweet is only suitable for reading when it turns cold.

This tweet is only suitable for reading when it turns cold.
Autumn in Guangzhou is gone again.

until the evening selection meeting, the door of the office was opened and the authors came in in their coats one by one. I turned on the weather APP in my mobile phone and looked at it. It was 18 degrees.

Liu Bai answered, "Yes, winter is coming, and it is another season for love." Haokai immediately retorted, "it is clearly the season of lovelorn."

on the topic of "the weather has changed", we talked about a lot of recent events, and finally reached a consensus:

so we decided to write down this topic and talk to you about stories related to cooling.

by Zhu Haokai

after giving her likes to the shadow selfie, I tentatively opened her profile picture:

(the other party is typing.)

sure enough. I heaved a sigh and moved into the afterglow of the setting sun. Sure enough, our relationship has changed from good friends to old friends.

"just returned to the dormitory [laughing and crying]", the cue light of the mobile phone flashed again under the darkening sky.

I gasped: "it's getting cold, so wear more." Then he walked to the dormitory with a shrunken shoulder.

it takes an opportunity to maintain the relationship between friends, and when the path starts to be different, the only common topic seems to be the weather.

sometimes, romantic relationships continue to heat up because of the cooling of the weather.

when the weather in Guangzhou suddenly turns cold, the frequency of meeting her friend Tingting and her boyfriend who almost broke up increases.

Ting Ting thought for a long time but could not find a reason to convince us of their "rapid emotional warming". "anyway, when the weather is cold, I want to see him."

my gloom disappeared when he suddenly took my hand and felt the warmth of his hand.

I glanced at my colleague, and he was immediately frightened by my eyes and said timidly, "I don't have a coat either. You don't want me to take off my short sleeves."

in fact, I just casually said "so cold". When I looked at him, I was just looking for approval. Who knew he would think so much.

in the eyes of boys, they are born with the mission of putting on coats for girls when they need them, so if those sudden "cold" go unanswered, they will fall into a kind of inexplicable remorse.

and if it is a boyfriend, the "sorry" will aggravate into "heartache" and "guilt".

some boys react slowly and haven't moved their feet for a long time, so they are still single.

by Li Yating

"are you coming back from vacation?"

"it has cooled down recently, so remember to add more clothes."

he has called me like this for three years in a row. Three years ago, I could not imagine such words coming out of his mouth.

before, my brother and I did something wrong. Grandpa only scolded me. He only asked my brothers to eat delicious food, and locked the door directly after I missed the time to return home at night. This kind of thing made me suspect that my grandfather was partial to my brother.

I often go out all day to play with my friends, deliberately miss the time to return home at night, and then spend the night at a friend's house.

and in the past few years, I began to find that my grandfather would call me every winter.

in his mind, the winter in a different place is always much colder than that at home.

I have to say, it's a wonderful thing that the weather is getting colder.

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but in my opinion, the biggest significance of "getting cold" is that it can be an excuse, just like "have you eaten", an excuse that can be applied to all relationships.

whoever it is, as long as there is an excuse, they will use it as much as possible, won't they?

in front of the person you want to see, it is an excuse to contact each other, and for those who don't want to see, it is the reason to refuse to go out.

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