This is my last signal to you.

This is my last signal to you.
I'm not qualified to change their ending.

I asked him, "is this important?"

I said, how could I not understand? at least I liked a girl for several years. At that time, not to mention the songs in moments, I would find out exactly which star her profile picture was.

"what do you say?" I asked.

"Trade in the future?"

my friend is really qualified to make this kind of abnormal judgment, because he came to Guangzhou because of his girlfriend, so during the period when he just broke up, he complained to me that he had never liked Guangzhou all the time, but resigning because of the breakup would show his attitude towards life very playful.

he punched me, but also laughed.

so when he told me "I don't have to listen to songs in her moments anymore", I was happy for him from the bottom of my heart.


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"No, I want to stay here."

"No," he said, looking at the Guangzhou Tower I stared at. "she told me the night before last that she was going to Shanghai."

at that moment we suddenly didn't know what to say, because as the conversation went on, I found that the courage he had gained from life simply could not withstand the merciless blow given by each other.


"" Sleep Forever "." He took out his cell phone, clicked on QQ Music and played the first song in his favorites.

"you can look up the lyrics of this song. It's more tragic than you think."

"although it's all about the disheartened words of'I just want to sleep forever', I think it's her signal for help." When he said this, I don't know why, but I don't think he has really regained control of life.

"that's good." I pretend to agree with his sophistry.

it was the same night, but it was early in the morning.

"that's his favorite city." I joked.

I replied to her in four words: "cruel man."

I lay in bed and began to think about why I was able to meet such a strange plot. The two friends, who have been dating since their second year of high school, talked for another two years after graduation after four years of college, and ended the relationship completely because of a conversation on the way to the movie.

but I seemed to realize something, so I opened the boy's moments and found that he had photographed the half of my body sitting by the river, with the caption: "I've made up my mind."

she replied: "what?"

"A little bit."

I asked her, "what exactly did you talk about that day?"

"I just remembered something and told him I was a little bored."

"that's it."

as a person who has talked about it for six years, I understand that this "tacit understanding":

and a conclusion like "bored" is tantamount to a death sentence for that relationship. Because it will mean that the relationship has been deformed by the washing machine of life, no matter how high-end iron is used, it can no longer be calmed down to normal.

but there is actually no turning point. Remember that "distress signal"?

just as a recorder, I am not qualified to tamper with their stories in the article.

this is the cruelty of being in love for a long time.