There was a heavy rain in Guangzhou tonight.

There was a heavy rain in Guangzhou tonight.

I feel wonderful now. If it hadn't rained, she would have packed up and left.

and I should also show up at the door of a small bar and experience the feeling of tipsy emptiness.

but after the rain, she can only stay one more night, but she will still leave tomorrow, and I'm not going to stay.

A lot of things in this world don't need a reason, such as "I don't need you anymore." It carries enough weight.

so now I am sitting by the window of the rental house, listening to the patter of rain outside, experiencing this strange life experience for the first time.

looking back, she is still the same, leaning on the sofa in the living room, browsing Douyin, cheerful music and dignified atmosphere blend.

the only difference is that we haven't spoken again all day.

look around the walls, the room is so small that it is inconvenient for her family to stay in Guangzhou temporarily. .

although it still carries "We finally have a home of our own" when we first moved in. " The ideal of.

is it because I don't like her?


if you don't like someone, you won't come to Guangzhou because you want to see each other every day.

although she doesn't like it all the time, it's normal that no one wants to bear an inexplicable sense of burden.

if it were me, I wouldn't want to.

because it's more like a moral kidnapping.

We are always apt to fall into such an emotional misunderstanding of self-moving.

but in fact, from the moment two people decide to be together, what you are willing to give is your choice, and whether or not they should like you more. " It doesn't matter if it's a dime.

"never measure a relationship by sacrifice."

maybe this sentence is written, you can't understand it right in front of the screen, but believe me, you will, because I really understand it the second before.

forget the lines from which movie, "you can suddenly have an epiphany, but after an epiphany, you are still you."

I hate this sentence, just as I hate "I've heard so much, but I still can't live a good life".

this is just a sign of my lack of determination and execution.

A guy who doesn't have the determination and execution deserves to run a relationship badly.

by the time she wrote this, she had got up from the sofa, went into the next room and closed the door.

you see, the irony of life is always reflected in such nuances.

when you want to see it, the mountains and the sea are not a problem. When you don't want to see it, a wooden door can separate the two worlds.

A lot of efforts are fruitless, and many stories have no aftermath.

more often, it is your efforts that bring the story to an abrupt end.

in the final analysis, she is still going in the wrong direction. You think what she wants is your sense of responsibility for the future. In fact, all she needs is a sense of companionship for the present.

but in fact, even if you choose the latter, the result is the same.

because people are changing, you will want B with A, and you will miss A with B, not to mention that you only have C in your hand.

it's actually a tough time, because knowing that something bad is going to happen, it turns into a bad day in the days before and after it happens.

by the end of writing, the sudden heavy rain had stopped.

I don't know whether the rain is a weather phenomenon or an extra opportunity in life, or it's just a wishful thinking misunderstanding in my mind.

but none of this matters.

I just sincerely wish my friends who have seen this 20-minute tweet.

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not to wish you to be with the people around you forever, but to bless you when you lose each other.

the last sentence was "I don't like you anymore."

instead of "I don't need you anymore."

good night

is the song /Flightless Bird

good night?