"the World Health Organization officially listed the post-90s generation as a group at high risk of serious illness."

"the World Health Organization officially listed the post-90s generation as a group at high risk of serious illness."
Shivering day and night

meeting, the World Health Organization (WHO) released statistics for the past two years to the representatives of China, adding six new diseases to the list of priority prevention and treatment diseases in view of the sub-health status of post-90s young people in China.

in order to shoulder the health mission of contemporary young people, and to save the vulnerable groups who are about to be engulfed by the disease, we analyzed the list and sorted out six cases to facilitate disease control.

symptom 1: buttocks focus on obesity in giant children

how can there be such a delicious creature as chicken!

stop arguing about salted bean flowers and sweet bean flowers, okay? they are delicious!

1. Make an exercise plan: put Keep's APP icon on the home page, include 50 weight-loss tutorials in your favorites, and allow yourself an hour of exercise a day.

3. As long as persevere, fate has arrived, the belly will naturally disappear.

Folk explanation: if you lie on the couch and watch TV series, you will fall asleep accidentally.

every day at 8:00 and 18:00 in the afternoon, I stay on death Line 3 for too long. When I get into the subway, the sun hasn't gone down, and it's already dark when I get out of the subway.

that day, there was a popular idol play on TV. I heard that the male lead was handsome, Sue and rich, which was a model of the ideal perfect boyfriend.

it's scary. I feel like I've been sucked away all my time in the world.

2. Calibrate the watch, clock and cell phone time to Bangkok time all the year round to get an extra hour.

ps: this agency is not responsible for the consequences that may occur after the implementation of the program.

Folk explanation: it used to be possible to sing until dawn and stay up all night in Internet cafes, but now as long as you stay up late, you will be tired for a week, mostly in business, public relations, new media, advertising planning and other workplace people.

at that time, people's energy was like a flow bag at the end of the month. Even if they didn't have a song to sing, they would still have the original sound in the box. A group of people were slumped to swipe their mobile phones and play the king, but they just didn't want to go back to rest early.

one day I work overtime and stay up all night, and I can go to work the next day until I can catch fish until the weekend.

2. Adjust the appropriate schedule, such as falling asleep at 4: 00 in the morning , waking up at at 2: 00 in the afternoon, so that the daily sleep time can be fully guaranteed, while continuing to kill two birds with one stone.

Folk explanation: I hate to spend the night out and lose the courage to go away.

accidentally playing out too late and missing the last bus, my friend suggested, "Why don't we just go to the 24-hour bookstore for one night?"

it's not that I hate traveling, but I feel troublesome at the thought of going out with big and small bags. People are old and the waves don't move.

1. Set the meeting place with your friends in your own home, and lock the door.

3. Find a boyfriend.

Folk explanation: I feel extremely uncomfortable with the ringing of the ringtone.

I am afraid of the ringing of voice calls.

In search of an outstanding light pink bridesmaid dresses to make you look your best? We have a vast range of styles and cuts to choose from.

1. Urgent: to live, to urge the draft, to change, to pay, something has happened, in short, there will be no good.

in every happy day, I am most afraid of the sudden silence of the air and the sudden ringing of the mobile phone. It is the Terminator of a peaceful life.

1. Soak the head of the phone in the water for two hours to make the receiver useless.

3. Turn off your phone for 24 hours and declare to the outside world that you don't have a cell phone .

symptom 6: intermittent Alzheimer's syndrome

"I wish I could talk about lost things. I really want to call them."

so I learned my lesson and wrote down all the important things in the book. I really couldn't remember where to put it, so I took it out and looked it up. The ancients were right, good memory is not as good as bad writing, although it is a little troublesome, but it does save me a lot of trouble.

1. Next time, don't go shopping on Taobao, go to Alibaba, go wholesale .

the above is the analysis of six cases obtained by us after sorting out the statistical investigation.

in this regard, the disorganized New Disease Research Committee recommends Karabao, a green energy drink, which uses pure natural extract Guarana as its main efficacy ingredient, so that you can quickly replenish your strength after being devastated by the third line of death; instead of fishing at your desk the next morning after staying up all night for KPI.

then Karabo made an h5, which people can type in their own words into the TVC video display board, so that you can also become the protagonist of the airborne Russia World Cup.

well, that's the end of today's Onion News.

Pssssssssssss: onion news reports "news" by means of fiction, satire, exaggeration and imitation, providing readers with a completely different and enlightened reading experience from traditional news.

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