The thing I regret most is going to Beijing drifters.

The thing I regret most is going to Beijing drifters.
To take a step back is also freedom.


naturally, many people laugh at me because everyone is not optimistic about my career change and bet on how long I can stay in Beijing. In addition, I spent almost all my savings during that period of time, so I can only control my expenses on clothing, food and housing.

but in retrospect, this is the normal trend of the plot. Outside my major in college, I haven't shone yet, and there's no reason to blame others for not having vision.

so after leaving Beijing, I don't feel sorry, because I know very well that my current ability is not enough to break those restrictions.

because we have always misunderstood the word freedom.

but if we really do that, as ordinary people, we will soon be hit by life to be autistic.


Freedom is the steering wheel.

Freedom is the midnight subway.

Freedom is from city to city.

You will look absolutely stunning in our lavender prom dresses whatever the occasion. Find your favorite and it will remain its fashion look over time.

Freedom is an empty calendar.

is like the slogan-- "voice control" of Beijing Fish smart headphones launched by Wake up Freedom

take out the headphone cord and get tangled together.

walking in the cold winter wind, you don't want to take out your hand to answer the phone.

these small details of life are always easy to make us a little discouraged and unhappy.

get rid of the headphone cord and be freer.

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"Let Life, listen to me" is the slogan of the Beijing Fish Brand. At the same time, this sentence is also the life creed of many people, who have attitude and do not follow blindly.

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