The sage time that girls used to have.

The sage time that girls used to have.

I don't think this is normal. In order to awaken my nerves paralyzed by work tasks and the trivialities of life, I solemnly cited the following measures with my friends, ready to take the time to try them all.

but when I really rarely canceled the seven o'clock alarm clock and took advantage of the holiday to implement this measure, the moment I opened my eyes, I didn't feel refreshed. Only panic swept me. I subconsciously grabbed my cell phone to see if the editor was looking for me.

she described the following scenarios to me.

the Taobao clothing store you like is greatly promoted in the middle of the year. You have joined the shopping cart for clothes that you have long taken a fancy to, but are afraid to buy because of the high price. At 11:00 in the evening, the set alarm clock rings and you submit your order on time. When your finger presses the circular home key and makes fingerprint payment, your heart is filled with unprecedented satisfaction in the past day.

the pleasure of buying what you have in mind rises to a critical peak with the appearance of "express delivery is about to arrive tomorrow".

all the excitement dropped to zero five minutes after the clothes were taken out and tried on. You in the mirror did not wear turmeric with a lively feeling. The cheeks without makeup are a little gray with such a bright color.

you open that Taobao store again, or "year-end promotion", or gentle bean paste powder, cool lake blue, bright rattan pepper yellow, but you have lost any interest.


as a matter of fact, you haven't been watching TV shows for a long time, but "Hita Rong Qing" in moments and "rich Charlie Rong Yin Bai Moonlight" on Weibo have succeeded in arousing your curiosity.

they have given you endless experience, and those fierce, secret, gentle love and hatred have all run over you.

the progress bar of the video has been moved to the end today, and the end of the film is over.

20 years old, you sigh, this kind of meaningless love drama should be less touched.

after class is over at seven o'clock in the evening, you really want to drink milk tea.

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when you are on the subway, you don't even have to grab the handrail, and the crowded flow of people circles out the standing place that belongs to you alone. You stubbornly raise your phone in front of you, type with one hand, search Weibo for "tea and tea order guide" and quickly carry the recommended recipes from food marketing accounts like you crammed before the exam.

the taste buds returned to normal after the second bite. Black sugar pearl, too sweet, like when I was a child to steal 50 cents of black sugar plum from grandma's cupboard, it tasted a bit like it, but you were tired of drinking milk tea before you drank it halfway through the fourth mouthful.


but today, you found a pimple in the corner of your mouth. It probably broke out after staying up late to chase a drama a few days ago. You had to open the APP collection called "Photo" and turn to the third page. After you dropped the pimple with Meitu's elimination pen, you were so satisfied with this photo that you posted it on your moments.

20 minutes later, the number of likes of this photo exceeded 100, and comments such as "good skin" and "fairies" appeared.

you put down your phone with a smile and contentment. Suddenly swept himself into the cosmetic mirror, the acne that disappeared in the photo, still stubbornly stayed in the mouth.

sometimes I wonder, what is the reason why I can brush Taobao for two hours without getting bored and wait patiently for milk tea with "100 orders ahead"?

it's hard to say whether it comes from the heart, or because in the current environment, I see that other people deal with emptiness and stress in this way, so I follow suit.

so in the end, these pleasures evolve into double emptiness. For example, when I was in kindergarten, I was always eager to get that apple sticker symbolizing a good child from the teacher's hand, but when I really stuck it on my forehead, I found that I was not happy as I imagined.

perhaps the sage time that we think we are still close at hand has been exchanged as an exchange as early as the moment our material demands for life and expectations for the future emerge.

this small meeting is very difficult and short, but when I decided to give up those imaginary sage models and sit down in front of the computer to write this article, I obviously felt that

because Wechat has been revised

otherwise it may be very difficult for us to meet

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