"the only thing missing is the last champion."

"the only thing missing is the last champion."
Now, it is only one step away from keeping up with the "definitely done" of the previous year.

and that mysterious force will be late, but it will never be absent.

some people are unreconciled and have no choice but to "surf the Internet scientifically" in other ways. I am one of them. I first handed out 50 red envelopes to a programmer friend and said, "I want to watch live." After a difficult operation, I finally got a software name and entered the non-existent studio.

because they know better than anyone that the life of an electronic sports game is much shorter than that of sports, it is not easy to have the opportunity to witness the "national team win the championship". How can only the people on the scene be allowed to cheer?

and live broadcast with chin in the audience, in addition to National Day holiday, Yu Shuang and Wang Duoduo, which is already a professional commentary, and the big nose Ruofeng who led WE to win the IPL5 championship in 12 years.

that year, the faker robbery has not yet been born, the man is not called "7 paste", the 55-year-old ID shouting "Ma Fei help me" is still "royal white", and uzi is just a 15-year-old Internet addict who has just signed up for League of Legends's account.

but it backfired. WE began to decline after that game, and Taiwan's assassin star won the cup in the S2 finals that year.

e-sports is so cruel that after the "that year" of Ruofeng, there can be no "next year".

so when we came to 18 years, and people finally began to face up to e-sports, and even included League of Legends in the Asian Games, Ruofeng was already a game anchor who could only wave the flag and shout in the audience.

so when Nahr of letme finally pushed the three men onto each other's crystal, he shouted louder than anyone else, but in these voices, in addition to excitement, there may be some reluctance that times have changed:

but there is no "just".

the moment the national flag was raised, my eyes were moist!

remember before the semi-finals of the S7 World Finals started in 17, the host asked Uzi, "my teammate Shen Chao, who played with you in the final, is also here today. What do you want to say to him?"

by Uzi, "at that time" refers to the 13 years I lost to SKT in the S3 World Finals, which I mentioned earlier, the year Ruofeng retired.

and for Uzi, he is only one step away from that "must be done" and the long-awaited s series champion.

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