The navigation to you has failed three times.

The navigation to you has failed three times.
This navigation is over.

if the navigation had been correct, he would have sent me home early to say goodbye.

and I should and can only press the buckle of my seat belt, get up and straighten out the folds of my skirt, and pretend to be smart and unrestrained.

but because of the wrong navigation, he had to go around and drive back here.

this situation is deja vu, just like "it's better to start over" that we've tried countless times.

but the right route is always planned, and the wrong people have to go back to where they are supposed to go.

"starting from the beginning" is actually "repeating the same mistake."

so now I'm sitting in the copilot, looking out of the window at the lights scattered all over the window, his fingers, my eyes, trying to implore darkly.

beg the navigation to take him so that he can go wrong again.

even in the end, you have to get off.

I watched him while waiting for the red light to turn green.

he still has the habit of tapping his fingers gently along with the music in the car.

it's just the songs he plays that I'm not familiar with.

when his face was printed on the window, it was chaotic and out of focus, which made me feel as if I was in the wilderness.

the first time I took the car he was driving, I was still reading. We rented a car and wanted to go in the direction of the river in the city.

the car is too small, with seats embedded in the choking smell of tobacco.

but in that small, repressed space, I could reach him with my hand.

the feelings and dark surges between each other, like the lingering smell of smoke, have nowhere to escape.

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We passed the river we went to again.

and once you give up your colleague, even if it is next to you, you are not in the mood to push the door and get off.

maybe it's just "obsession".

thought that he was playing a persistent and brave girl, but the last "thought" made people resent and turned into a resentful woman.

I know this is a rare background cue in my life, reminding me that it's time to quit.

good night.

Design /Zhaorui

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good night.

Design /Zhaorui

ask two questions:

did you star us?