The most secure career in your eyes may also be the most dangerous.

The most secure career in your eyes may also be the most dangerous.
They look at certain professions as if they were wearing filters.

but my instructor scolded me because I was responsible for giving candy to my students in case someone choked.

" as a teacher, you should know how to protect yourself. "

at that time, I didn't take this sentence seriously, thinking that I just had to remember not to give snacks to students.

because there were no photos, I was criticized by my superiors. I couldn't help asking the director, why do I have to take photos?

I took it for granted that now that I have talked about it in class, every one of my students can prove it.

"if something happens to a student during the seven days of National Day, the photo can protect you the most. If you can't prove that you've taken a safety education class, you have to be responsible, and so is the school. "

only then did I finally understand what the instructor meant by "know how to protect yourself".

the teacher is noble, but this nobility is built up by countless potential responsibilities.

it's a mere formality to others " " , but to them it's " Survival skills " .

sometimes, teachers are faced with situations that are difficult to guard against.

A black stream of water flowed out of his mouth.

although I reacted in time and took him to the bathroom to wash his mouth clean, the school nurse said it was all right, but I still couldn't forget it, nor the sound of my water cup falling on the floor.

it turns out that the most secure job in the eyes of parents may also be the most dangerous.

A friend who was an intern in a hospital in Guangzhou told me that her predecessor asked her to move a liver transplant device into the operating room the other day. When she was about to pick it up, a patient burst in.

"doctor", "unscrupulous", "wife" and "sue you".

friends have not dared to tell their family so far, and the scalpel is just a few centimeters away from her left leg.

at this point, some people may think that I am deliberately magnifying the difficulties of teachers and doctors.

they watch certain professions as if they were wearing filters.

this reminds me of my family in the movie Dog Thirteen. They force their children to drink milk every day because they think milk is nutritious.

it's the same with teaching. It's a respectable profession, but it doesn't mean it's a much better job than other jobs.

if parents give their children what they think is the best simply because they don't want to know something outside their knowledge, it will only make them unable to digest it.

and young people who are about to find jobs may also miss out on more suitable choices.

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in fact, four months ago, I had a chance not to take the post to teach, but I didn't apply because I wanted to experience for myself what my parents called a secure job.

every line of work has its own pressure, and only by realizing this can we put "teachers", "doctors", "civil servants" and other professions on the same level.

good night.

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