The most regrettable thing about RNG is not losing to the enemy, but losing to itself.

The most regrettable thing about RNG is not losing to the enemy, but losing to itself.
Failure and growth

there is excitement, joy, grief and regret.


the royal family of S3 was sealed by SKT, and the royal family of S4 was driven home by SSW1:3.

S5Magol S6 two years ago, Uzi went to QG, but he didn't even get a chance to play. He didn't even see a ticket to the World Series.

it was not until S7 returned to the new royal family that RNG,Uzi was finally reused, bearing four years of pain and pressure, bearing the eyes of the whole country, trying to regain this honor on its own doorstep, Beijing Bird's Nest.

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Uzi, shortly after his 20th birthday, cried again in front of 30 million viewers.

the world's number one adc shouldn't have shed so many tears.

and random careers for a few years, it doesn't matter whether you win or lose. Anyway, unlike the players who use fame to open Taobao after retirement, Uzi really wants to win.

if you want to win, you have to give resources to your teammates, you have to be steady, and at some point, you have to forget that you are a "crazy puppy".

in April, the spring match beat EDG to win the LPL championship.

at the Intercontinental tournament in July, the LCK Division was cut off again, scoring twice and breaking the Korean fear spell again.

in September, he beat IG and won the championship in the summer competition, which is well deserved to be the strongest team in the LPL.

only one S8 championship is needed to win the Grand Slam.

this year's Uzi became more and more brave in the war, and finally came over with a smile.

just like the ID name that Uzi secretly changed in Hanfu two months ago, it is called "Tour to Incheon".

it seems that even God is secretly blessed. As the first qualifier in the group, RNG drew the final eight not only against his own brother, but also against the European team G2.

in the final eight, a bloody battle between brothers and IG sent KT, South Korea's top seed team, home, and let public opinion blow up to the best part, saying that it was stable and "LPL saw off the final."

No one feels disobedient.

I RNG, the first way in the world, naturally suppresses 40 dollars; let the gods on the road, first sign the treaty of equality of all living beings; in the middle road horizontal knife set up a careless general; the king of Mang went on a hunger strike and won six championships a year, telling me how to lose?

when G2 equalized the score for the first time, it was still painted "nothing, ease China-EU relations" on the barrage.

until the last game, when the witch of G2 gradually took off, and any two skills could make the RNG blood bar disappear, everyone's face began to become dignified.

can't laugh.

No, the hard power of G2 is actually very difficult for the top four.

shed so many tears, turned into such a strong strength.


what else can you say except "pity"?

at that time, I thought to myself that if it was Gallio, it would be cold, because from the group stage to the knockout stage, LPL's favorite four-guarantee-one tactic has long been thoroughly studied by teams in other divisions.

so when the broiler locked in the witch, I thought it was promising.

before the start of the fifth hand, the doll said that the RNG lineup is developing, as long as it is stable, and after the role of Olaf and the witch diminishes in the later stage, it will slowly become easy to fight.

it can be seen here that RNG wants to seize the opportunity, but the mentality is already unstable, and the economic gap has gradually widened to 10, 000 economy.


from beginning to end, BP also revealed an overconfidence that he was released because his opponent was G2 after suffering from Tam's losses in the Asian Games.

forget the superstition of four guarantees and one, and choose Lu Xi'an, whose output ability is not strong.

but now, if you ask me to scold, I really can't.


uncrowned king, these four words are not praise, but curse.

in the ongoing S8 finals, RNG can be said to have won the right time, place and people:

it is clear that South Korea's strong teams have been outpowered in terms of hard power.

Mingming South Korea's No.1 seed KT and S7 champion SSG (GEN) have been confirmed to be eliminated.

obviously it was the strongest year, but it came to the worst end: stop the top eight.


she said that she had prepared a page full of questions and was ready to interview RNG, who made it to the top four, but someone else was waiting.

WeChat moments are brushed with the word "uncomfortable". You know, throughout the year, as long as RNG appears, it is all "awesome".

but I'm sure RNG will stand up and Uzi will stand up again.

moreover, LPL never falls down because of a single failure.

you can't help cheering after winning the match.

will make them more brave.

the rest of the S race, let's finish it together.

know that LPL never gives up.

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