The list of Internet celebrities in the Song Dynasty, who do you pick?

The list of Internet celebrities in the Song Dynasty, who do you pick?
The big names and celebrities of the Song Dynasty made their debut collectively.

hapless official, interesting foodie

Su Shi, like Ouyang Xiu, is a versatile person and, in current words, an "encyclopedic" figure.

the articles of Su University's bachelor's degree are also called Gao Miao. In addition to the political discourse, the "Fu of Chibi" before and after is outstanding, and the writing is natural. And the night excursion of Chengtian Temple, which has only more than 80 words, is even more leisurely and unrestrained.

when we mention Su Dongpo, we will think that he is a great writer, artist and hapless official at the same time, but what makes people even more obsessed with Su Dongpo is his personality charm . For thousands of years, it is difficult to find a second figure like Su Shi.

as the concubine Wang Chaoyun said, "the belly of a bachelor's degree is out of place" . Although it is out of date, there is no meaning to change. If you demote an official, you can still be chic and happy. even if you get caught in a quagmire, you can be self-sufficient and happy, and you are the sun.

A person who loves and knows how to eat must be a lovely person.

-- Liu Yong

Who doesn't want to be a bit more radiant in rhinestone prom dresses? We are here to help you look glamorous.

Liu San Chuan's life offended the emperor and was favored by prostitutes.

once Liu Yong's words are available, geisha are immediately worth ten times as much, so many prostitutes pay Liu Yong to fill in words, which can be called the first freelance writer of in ancient times.

on the gold list, I lost my hope. The temporary sages of the Ming Dynasty, how to. In an attempt, there will be a wild struggle. Why talk about bereavement? Scholars and lyricists are all dressed in white.

"Scholars and lyricists are dressed in white" and "they change their names and sing low." they are very arrogant and unrestrained, but they offend the emperor. Later, in an imperial examination, during the examination of Liu Yong, Song Renzong deliberately let Liu Yong off the list and said, "Let's go and sing shallowly, why be famous?"

during the Jingyou period, Liu Yong served as Yu Hangling with good political achievements, so he asked for promotion many times, but to no avail. Some people recommend Liu Yong's talent, Song Renzong said: "if you don't fill in the words Liu San change?"... And fill in the words. "

although the scholar-officials did not appreciate the popular lyrics written by Liu Yong for the music geisha and regarded them as "shallow and vulgar" and "words in the dust", Liu Yong's words spread widely in the Song Dynasty and prevailed for a time.

would you like to pick such a rebellious young man?

he did go in and out of the green house, kept in close contact with prostitutes and wrote a lot of gaudy words.

the literati of later generations often excused Ouyang Xiu and tried to prove that so-and-so was not written by drunken Weng. In fact, it was totally unnecessary. The Song Dynasty was an open dynasty, and the capricious Ouyang Xiu wrote colorful words with unique amorous feelings. There's no need to make a fuss.

"the eight masters of the Tang and Song dynasties", five people in the Song Dynasty came from his door. There is nothing to say about Ouyang Xiu's insight into people.

the year Su Shi and Su Zhe took part in the etiquette examination, the examiner was Ouyang Xiu. He appreciated Su Shi's article very much and was full of praise. He originally wanted to be listed as the first, but he was worried that the article was written by his student Zeng Gong. In order to avoid suspicion, he gave it a second.

Ouyang Xiu has cultivated and promoted a small number of undergraduates all his life. In his later years, Ouyang Xiu claimed to have a collection of 10,000 books, a piano, a game of chess and a pot of wine.

there live heroic talented women

We used to embellish talented women in ancient times, but in the end they were vassals. But Li Qingzhao is different. she clearly writes about the little things of her boudoir.

"when you live, you should be a hero among people, and you should be a hero among ghosts after death. Why do people still miss Xiang Yu today? it is because he does not live his life back to Jiangdong." This is not something that ordinary people can write about.

she and Zhao Mingcheng are well-matched and have the same interests. They both like books, calligraphy and painting, as well as stone inscriptions, and together they have collected a lot of gold and stone antiques. A "Preface to the recording of Gold and Stone" is also a good article.

misty clouds worry about the eternal day, auspicious brain vanishes the golden beast. Double Ninth Festival, jade pillow gauze kitchen, cool in the middle of the night.

Zhao Mingcheng also wrote several songs, which he put together with his wife and showed them to his friends. as a result, the friend pointed out at a glance, "Don't lose your soul, the curtain rolls the west wind, and you are thinner than Huanghua." Zhao Mingcheng had no choice but to give way.

soon after living in the south of the Yangtze River, Li Qingzhao remarried. Although she was alone at that time, the stone relics she brought with her were still valuable. The money was naturally coveted by some people. One of them, Zhang Ruzhou, was born in Jinshi and had a lot of courtesy. Li Qingzhao thought twice and thought that a man in his family was better after all, so he agreed to his proposal.

in this regard, Li Qingzhao was so defensive that he was beaten by Zhang. Now that he is married, as the head of the family, he is quite smug and inadvertently talked about his cheating in the imperial examination.

do you want to pick such a talented woman?

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