The college students who moved out finally said it was better to have a dormitory.

The college students who moved out finally said it was better to have a dormitory.
Living alone is not as cool as you think.

the eel whale said: "you may have been alone for too long."

slowly, communication has become a luxury, and I need to make deliberate efforts on it.


one of the most common problems is that people have different schedules.

these problems seem irreconcilable, but in fact, as long as you communicate with your roommates or change your dormitory, you can solve it.

just like many nights, I wrote in front of the computer late into the night. In order not to affect the sleep of my roommates, I tiptoed and dared not make a sound.

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after a moment of hesitation, I connected to the hotspot of my mobile phone.

this message was like the last straw that killed the camel. I finally gave in, threw my phone on the bed and went to sleep with everyone.

it always uses all sorts of means to force everyone to move in step.

the only way to get out of this "consistent pace" is to move out and live alone.

after getting the fee, I quietly found a house, signed a four-month contract, and moved out on a non-class afternoon.

you can pick up the video call at any time. You don't have to care about the power to buy electrical appliances. There is hot water whenever you take a bath. No matter how loud the keystroke is, you don't have to worry about disturbing others.

it was in this state that I indulged myself for a long time.

it's so easy to lose control of time when you live alone.

like that time, because no one reminded me to make up lessons in the morning, I just forgot about it.

I thought with chagrin: if I were still living in the dormitory, this wouldn't have happened.

I don't know if during this blank period, they had the kind of "night talk in bed" mentioned at the beginning, and whether they knew each other better than when I was here.

after living alone, I often don't talk all day.

probably because there is too little communication in real life, I have become very dependent on chatting on Wechat.

it's just that his sentence "there is morning class tomorrow" is so persuasive that I have to let him go to bed.

then I figured it out, because he had roommates with him after he put down his phone. But when I turned off my phone screen, I was really alone in the empty room.

I still remember that I used to wear headphones in the dormitory because I didn't want to hear the noise of my roommates. Later, when I lived by myself, I always wore headphones and played songs louder than before.

I have to admit that it's really lonely to live alone.

the semester is not over, living alone has become an ordeal for me.

I thought I would feel sorry for the house I had lived in for half a year, but when I was really leaving, I didn't even look back. All I could think about was:


it is more about the change of life style and mental state.

these freedoms are double-edged swords, giving you room to choose and plunging you into endless emptiness.

I feel that I am in a bad mood and hypocritical; it is troublesome to always talk to my boyfriend; it is useless if I can't adapt to a person's life.

in fact, many people go out to live and just want to be alone for a while. This "moment" can help them calm down, sort out their thoughts, and think about how to solve the conflicts in their lives.

so long that you will find more problems in the process, and most of these problems cannot be solved by one person.


when you live with others, most of the puzzles have been put together. You only have to fill in a few vacancies, which is labor-saving, but at the same time it will not seem free.

so, it's not that living alone is bad, it's just that it tests a person's ability.

this lack of ability is not obvious in a group, but if you decide that you are good at being alone, you will be at a loss when problems arise.

shopping alone, watching movies alone, and sitting in the library all afternoon, these are all experiences that you can try.

"living by yourself" is a gift. It's nice to give it to yourself, but it's most important to be able to afford it.

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