The boys thought so much that the first watch was given by the girl.

The boys thought so much that the first watch was given by the girl.
It's a pact.

the art point is followed by "she is waiting for me";

but in any case, the function of this watch is achieved.

later, in order to show the importance of my girlfriend, I learned to "expose my watch to the air no matter what."

I ridiculed them for not knowing: "G-SHOCK is not even afraid of scuba diving. What are you afraid of in this cold air?"

people around me begin to say that I have a sense of fashion,


in the face of my peers, I bring the GMushack that is only a little over 1000; in the face of investors, I have to replace it with more than 3,000 Tissot, which is as low-level as it is, but at least more mature.

but no matter which watch I wear, it doesn't affect the point I want to express to other girls, that is,

of course, they often come to see me in the same mood: "Don't get me wrong, I can't like you."

if we didn't have that table, would we talk about something else?

what I know is that thanks to that watch, I was able to focus so much on making money.

once when I went out to dinner with a friend, a female friend pointed to a boy's watch and asked, "from my ex-girlfriend?"

she said: "the watch strap is all worn out. You're still wearing it. Can't you give up when you break up?"

that boy is my good friend, so I know things better than anyone.

I asked him, "if you say you want to give it back to her every day, aren't they in Guangzhou?"

"psychopath." That's what I scolded.

that watch is a bit like "your backpack" sung by Eason Chan:

my friends all say that it looks good old

well, the pity is:


in my opinion, it is more like an agreement.

because of graduation, because I have to go out to work to meet people, because I want to appear more mature, so the girl spends a lot of money and secretly buys a watch and gives it away before the boys grow up, making an agreement.

so if you are lucky, the boys can accept your words, get promoted, get a raise, be stable, have the ability, and then marry the girl home and keep their promise, so that the two can face more difficulties in the future.

in the end, the watch became a "shameful" watch, so I untied the buckle, took it off my wrist, and admitted to each other, "forget it, it's hopeless."

after writing here, I inexplicably remembered that last week I went to Hong Kong with my girlfriend to repair my watch. I asked the shop assistant, "Why is the watch strap so rotten?"

I said "Oh" and suddenly realized:

good night.

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