The age of 20 is the age at which one is least afraid of being confused.

The age of 20 is the age at which one is least afraid of being confused.
We have plenty of tomorrow.

but anxiety is more intense than before, and the age at the beginning of the word seems to be essentially different from that of a teenager.

it is like a "20-year-old man's picture book", which contains each contestant's growth experience, dreams and expectations, sweat and efforts.

this introversion of not getting along with others, coupled with his lower voice than most boys, and his slender fingers swinging slightly in the air while singing, give people a sense of vulnerability that is independent of the rest of the world and can be broken when touched.

so the first thing Tian said about her past experience was, , "I don't get along very well with my classmates."

all his hopes are pinned on the niche music on the music website after coming home from school. Zeng Yi is a singer he likes very much, and the song "the Man on Motorcycle" gives him spiritual support and encouragement.

"I am never alone. I have lonely company. I become a miracle when there is no one with me."

as he said in his cover song "I I", when he bid farewell to him who was haunted by unpopularity, he really met the almost miraculous man who survived exclusion and ridicule.


Tian Kui's silence is introverted, while Tsai Weize's silence is almost "indifferent".

TBD, he didn't cry, he was resurrected, he didn't laugh, and he won the strongest brand. If Wu Qingfeng hadn't proposed to celebrate with him hand in hand, he didn't intend to make any gesture.

Entertainment comments said that he always seems to have a dark cloud on his head, which is a typical representative of contemporary youth, confused and self-doubting.

but in fact, he is not so confused. He knows exactly what he wants, he wants to win, he wants to become mainstream, he wants to start the orchestra, but his character does not allow him to show too happy or too sad.

he joined the Hot Music Club in high school. After the last performance of the next year, he sat on the sidelines with all the members. When the microphone was handed over, he cried unusually. He was afraid that this would be his last performance.

on the one hand is his parents' expectations for grades, and on the other is the budding ideal of music. at that time, he decided to put music aside.

after entering college, Tsai Weize immediately read out his archived dreams and began to form his own band, later "fools and idiots," in which the first member was Xu Weijun, a drummer he knew in the club in his freshman year of high school. after that, the four-member band gradually took shape.

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Deng Dian is probably the best and most daring of all the contestants.

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when I couldn't talk with them, Deng Dian became more and more fond of listening to music and walking around the yard with headphones plugged in, feeling particularly close to who she really was.

Music is the outlet of Deng Dian's personality, and wearing personality is far from enough for him. He wants something more connotative and richer, and that thing is his music, and the son of tomorrow gives him a platform to explore himself.

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so I feel more and more that idol shows actually let people with dreams come into contact with their dreams in advance, and make people without dreams start to think about what dreams are like.

it is an idea that is buried deep in my heart, but should be reviewed from time to time.When the opportunity comes, we can spare no effort to realize it instead of waiting for the next time.

and a person with a dream, no matter how many ups and downs he meets, he is sober and determined.

We want to give you a reason to continue to face this lousy life

there are a lot of people who don't want to cater to it.