Thank you for hugging me so hard.

Thank you for hugging me so hard.
Because it's the last time.

because two years, in my life scale, is still far from the word "long".

at first, I set the direction very simple:

this "a little bit" is definitely not a lot, maybe a slightly special hat, maybe a less ordinary T-shirt, or a slightly slim skirt.

so at the end of 18 years, we stepped up our efforts.

so, the "little bit" of the beginning becomes more and more, and becomes bigger and bigger.

later on, you can probably guess the direction of things: losses, collective lack of confidence in the team, talent leaving.

because I want to share with you a sentence:

now I look back and find that the loss is a gavel that sounded the alarm.

what really sobered me up was a conversation with a manager of my own brand who had been in charge of my own brand for several years (SUPERTOFU, the first brand to do joint T with us).

I was so blushed that I couldn't speak.

it's like, you think Haruki Murakami can write something like that because he keeps running every day.

not so much as thunder, but "the sky fell" was felt.

after leaving there,

during those two months, I kept discussing and thinking, and finally I came up with the series I'm going to tell you today-

| about concept |

hug deeply.

We are not lazy, we just feel that the composition of these four words is very consistent with the direction we want to do next:

like "hug deeply", it is like a sentence, but it is not a complete sentence.

it is an author's exhortation from the bottom of his heart.

girls keep saying "I'm sorry" to boys because she knows better than anyone that he works so hard in part because of her.

he just made one last request: "then let's have a hug."

the above is the story behind these four words.

he also tries to reassure people by saying "hug deeply": even if the last relationship fails, it doesn't mean anyone has done something wrong, why not reconcile with each other with a hug and live their own lives.

"because it's the last time, hug should be deep."

Nothing could be more magnificent than our junior bridesmaid dresses. This selection are thoughtfully designed exclusively for you.

with a good concept, we started to design hug , and

finally we all grouped them together.

when you send it again, some people say, "I don't quite understand what it means. It's all kinds of hugging scenes."

because we hope to bury some "little eggs" on the clothes, so that the people who buy this dress can not only get the literal meaning, but also learn about it with us.

everything is set around "sense of reading" .

so we need to read this dress very hard in order to understand the meaning behind it.

| about price

because it's the last time,

if you like,

you can give it to yourself to commemorate a relationship in which no one has done anything wrong.

of course, it doesn't matter if you don't buy it.

at the end,

all I know is that I will buy it.

I also think that hugging is a thing that requires efforts .

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