"sure enough, every boy is very poor after falling in love."

"sure enough, every boy is very poor after falling in love."
It is only when he is believed that everything he has carried is meaningful.

I didn't expect him to say, "if you want to pay off your credit card, there may be nothing left."

I asked, "how did you owe a credit card?"

he did not answer directly, but tried to be brave as usual:


so we soon made up on this topic.

another person answered: "sure enough, every boy is very poor after falling in love."

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I know it's just a joke, but it reminds me of a lot of the past.

when I first rented a house with my boyfriend, I hadn't graduated yet, and I only had a few hundred yuan in my card.

but I am not anxious at all, because the boyfriend, who is a year older than myself, has shouldered most of the problems.

thinking of this, I asked him guiltily, "did you rent a house and buy a computer before you owe on your credit card?"

he first replied, "Yes, otherwise I wouldn't have had so much money at that time."

but it was withdrawn the next second and replaced by: "it's all right, it's almost over."

only then did I know that boys would withdraw their news, too.

the reason for withdrawing may be to make your efforts seem "easy" in front of important people.

"I saw everything you withdrew."

"Why didn't you tell me earlier? I have a salary now. I can help you pay it back."

I said it confidently, thinking that what he needed most at the moment was my active sharing as a girlfriend.

but this only makes him reply more stubbornly: "No need".

I even wondered if he refused my help because he didn't like it.

Boys'"overexert", like girls'"paranoia", is not the performance of sense of security.

it's just that girls are used to testing each other's persistence by "pushing away" again and again.

but if you "hold on" for a long time, you will always get rid of it one day.

my boyfriend realized that the situation was not very optimistic, so he asked himself:

I was stupefied for a second. When we first confirmed the relationship, he bowed his head, scratched his hair and asked the same question.

it's just that what I asked was, "do you think you're happier with me?"

I didn't expect that in just one year, what he cared about changed from "whether he is happier" to "whether life is better".

but in fact, those boys who don't talk about it have a ruler in their hearts.

only in this way will they be afraid that they really can't give it later, and begin to slowly replace "overexert" with "reason".

"Yes, life is getting better after being with you."


but in my relationship with my boyfriend, I have a deeper feeling:

this character makes them willing to sacrifice their own happiness in exchange for the rest of the people around them.

because as long as a person is believed, everything he carries makes sense.

author /Liu Bai

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