Stop asking me, "will the world be all right?"

Stop asking me, "will the world be all right?"
Don't be consumed easily.

on Sunday night, I was inspired to turn on my computer and was about to finish the PPT I didn't finish last week.

although there are only three short words, it is enough to ruin my state of mind all night.

it's actually quite ironic:

this is why sadness is often more contagious than happiness, because there are always people who are willing to be the source of infection.

since I graduated from college, I have been able to browse his news in my moments almost every night.

of course, it is a person's freedom to post what kind of content in moments, and those who do not want to read it also have the freedom to choose to block it. There should not be any form of conflict or trouble.

in that conversation, the message I heard was this:

after working for a company for half a year, he was promoted from team member to team leader;

and his emotion went like this:

if only he had been related to the boss, he would have been in charge.

as you can see, a selfish person always regards not getting enough as a loss.

some people say that a person's sign of maturity is to slowly realize that he is not the center of the world.

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but at the same time, they don't want to be in the minority in life.

so they pretend to be sick in the morning when they don't want to get up; send messages asking for red envelopes every holiday (even International Children's Day is no exception);

this feeling, it's like a person falling down in a swamp, you want to go over and give him a hand, but the pull on his arm tells you that he doesn't want to go ashore, he just wants you to stay in the swamp with him.

"when you are unhappy, do you want to be infected by a happy person, or do you want the other person to be sad with you?"

if real sadness is likened to a disease, life has prepared a medicine for everyone who is sick, but the reason why supply falls short of demand is that there are too many people pretending to be sick in this world.

that's why I keep telling myself:

because the differences between people are sometimes greater than those between different species, in the end you may be surprised to find that the person you've been comforting will describe your last pull as if you haven't tried all the time.

because it wasn't long before I found that I had been blocked by the other party, and the last message I received stayed in the sentence "it doesn't matter to you whether I'm negative or not."

but life is like this. You can't expect to agree with everyone's consciousness. When necessary, you need to move decisively away from those who continue to consume you.

if you don't protect your energy, it will be assimilated by others sooner or later.

Don't listen to this bullshit.


I just think that everyone should distribute their goodwill reasonably and don't waste it on people who tell you that the world is black.

but for those who pretend to be ill, it is always others who suffer the most.

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