Statement of apology

Statement of apology

after he scolded me, we immediately contacted the original author in private to communicate, apologize and negotiate.

here, I will reveal the cause and effect of the matter, apologize to @ 15W e-sports Center, and give an account to the reader.

it also includes the Legend of the Global Finals.

the Legend of the Global Finals series is one of the best video works we have ever seen in LOL-related documentaries, with amazing exquisite editing techniques, soundtracks and narration copywriters throughout the S1-S8 finals.

at that time, we decided to make a tweet similar to the Chronicle of LPL, using the development of LPL as the main line, and making a tweet.

whether it is the history of LPL or the legend of the Finals, it is inevitable to mention some classic characters and events, and Faker and Uzi are two of them.

later, in the process of making the 46th picture in "six years of LPL, 117 million loler, this is how it came", the team was so impressed with the text that they directly used the narration from the second episode of the Global Finals Legend. To be used as copywriting:

Faker and his teammates at Staples Arena

not only hit the champion

one step away

one step away

Los Angeles



apologize to

here Review the sources of material collected within the team.

here Review the sources of material collected within the team.

as a creator, I get angry when my things are moved away by others, so I have a better understanding of the impact of this.

but if you are wrong, you are wrong.

this is the price of making mistakes.

after the incident, we have uploaded the entire production process of "six years of LPL, 117 million loler, coming this way" to Baidu Cloud disk and sent it to the @ hack bar team.

(1) PSD source files of 7G

(3) original manuscripts of about 10000 words

(5) comparison of 106information points of the two articles

extraction code:

in the process of communicating with the @ hack bar team, they said that they did not deny that we created it ourselves.

and in the early stages of creation, we were really influenced by the "Global Finals Legend" series.

(the main line of the former is the S race, the latter is the LPL course)


@ A black bar @ 15W e-sports Center team apologized.

apologize to our readers .

I'm sorry.

the tweeter of "six years LPL..."


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