Spend the winter with you somewhere else.

Spend the winter with you somewhere else.

from March 18 to now, clutter has experienced three office relocations.

of course, as we have just arrived in Guangzhou, we do not have the ability to rent office units, so we can only "borrow" a few jobs from our partners in the partner company.

the days when we can gather together to go to work are numbered.

I don't know if we are not used to the depression of office buildings, or whether we feel uncomfortable borrowing other people's space. Whenever we have meetings, we always talk about finding a new office.

the second time: moved from the office building to the apartment next to the Guangzhou Tower.

the bright lights and grid lights of office buildings tell us how much the city of Guangzhou can stay up late.

there is growth here.

there are also departures here.

at that time I occasionally thought:

but the arrow sent out does not turn back, it can only move forward.

the third time: move from Guangzhou Tower to Creative Park.

from less than 10 people to more than 30 people, from borrowing space to having a separate office decorated in the style of the company.

the screen goes back to the beginning.

"are you willing to leave the Guangzhou Tower?"

similar messages can often be seen in the background or WeChat account. Although, the words are about a certain landmark and a certain scenery.

can you really accept that "leaving" happens to you?

not willing, but must be done.

when I was a child, whenever I wanted something, my parents, including teachers, would instill in me:

later, as they said.

it seems that as long as I grow up, I can have everything I want.

because of the limited capacity, "owning" is only a skill we have grown up, and the next skill is to learn to "leave".

some people want to maintain each other forever, but slowly fade away; a relationship tries too hard to save it, but in the end it loses.

and the interesting thing is that

"office relocation" is no exception.

if it is said that the change in the office is just a transfer in the body, the change in the team can be regarded as a shake on the foundation.

the departure of old friends will make some readers very sad.

I wonder if some friends who are parting now will intersect again in other ways in the future.

it may be to meet in the street to say hello, maybe to cooperate again at work, or to revisit old friends, and so on.

this intersection may be just a moment, or it may be a process of circling around.

compared to owning, it turns out that giving up is another kind of growth.

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for individuals, they may still not know what they want to do, but it also makes it clear to their current self: "at least I know what I don't want to do."

Friday night, cluttered and unable to draw, I went to Huanong for a sharing meeting.

I asked a question: "what do you think of commercialization?"

in my eyes, commercialization not only means making money, but also represents efficiency, professionalism and excellence.

if we can be on a par with giants, we have no taboo to say: yes, we will be commercialized, and we will continue on this road.

but then I figured it out:

No matter how much good content you usually write, as soon as you sell advertisements, he is bound to button up and overthrow the past.

and there is one thing we always believe.

there are thousands and many changes in Shu, but don't forget what your Tao is.

the messy "Tao" is straightforward: "is to try to present good content to the reader."

Why do you want to make a product; why do you want to be commercialized?

only when we grow up, can we give these excellent people decent pay and be worthy of the hard work and their hard work.

then we can have more creative freedom, do more different content, and present more forms to everyone.

but messy. What this company is good at is to spend a few years and then get things done bit by bit.

finally, during the double Twelve event, there are many discounts on our products in our store. You might as well have a look below.

of course, we can give feedback to our customer service colleagues and let us make further improvements.

it should be a good thing to watch a brand grow up.

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