Some words do not say, some words do not need to listen.

Some words do not say, some words do not need to listen.
I'm helpless, too.

I know this because I have experienced this kind of unprovoked exclusion.

"what's the big deal?"

so when people around me say to me, "I thought you were a XXX person."

but behind this joke there is actually a sense of powerlessness.

because I don't want to.

my eyes

"do I owe him 5 million? Why is your face so smelly? "


it's not my fault to be aloof, and it's not my fault to look up and stare because of the angle.

for example, when my parents living in the countryside saw my earrings, they spilled a lot of harsh words:

"did you make some bad friends outside?"

"if you go out like this, people will definitely say behind your back that you are neither male nor female!"

". Will

be sad? Yes, but not for long.

because I know what I want to be, not what they want me to be.

Network Engineering

I told them that I was too bad at maths to learn this major, but they firmly disagreed and scolded me for not being responsible for my future at all.

so I resolutely changed my major and went to an English major that I was interested in at the beginning but did not dare to choose because they thought it was useless.

these three conditions give me the inspiration for this design, so the series of "Girls don't listen" comes from it.

this is true.

there is no need to listen to these sounds.

the first one is "one ear goes in and out of the other ear" earrings, which have the function of filtering words.

ear clip

the third is a "non-recyclable" bag, which is the final collection of the remaining residue.

but shoulder-to-shoulder

is actually a bit of self-deception.

just on the surface, earrings, necklaces, bags show cool, actually calling for everyone's inner self-strength.

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there is a good law: when you can't change An and B at the same time, you may have to choose C.

when we are strong enough to accept all kinds of voices from the outside world, we still be ourselves without having to change ourselves.

at least I won't hear my parents' harsh words when I get home now. Because I took the earrings off. This is a kind of An I can't change them, B I don't want to hear cruel words and sad the best C option.

I am still myself.

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