Some people are suitable to bring it to 2019.

Some people are suitable to bring it to 2019.
Thank you for your willingness to accompany me into the next year.

I met my roommate near the canteen. She is queuing up at the mobile processing point to buy a new card that is convenient for work. I leaned over to say hello to her and said, "remember to tell me the new number."

on Christmas Eve, I asked my friend to get a manicure. After that, the clerk asked if I wanted to apply for a card. I thought it was a good deal, but my friend shook his head.

these two events suddenly made me realize that on the 22 year-old node, everyone around me is preparing for " parting " .

is actually quite regrettable, because I think that all the preparations for "parting" will in turn accelerate the occurrence of "parting".

if a friend applies for a card, even if she goes to work out of town, I can still use this card as an excuse to ask her out to meet her, but she cut off this excuse ahead of time, and I completely lost my reason to ask her again.


probably because over the past year, my lovelorn and lovelorn experiences have enabled me to activate a defense mechanism to protect myself:

just like this November, I met a guy who was nice to me, but the night we confirmed the relationship, I said to him, "We may not be together for long."

at that moment, the idea that we might not be together for a long time came out again, and I couldn't help breaking up with him.

so every time the plot doesn't go so well, I subconsciously push the story to the end.

even if Zhou Muyun asked her, "if you have one more ticket, will you come with me?" She didn't answer either.

what is regrettable is often not the ending, but the failure to give yourself and each other a last chance before parting.

during New Year's Day's holiday, my boyfriend downloaded a two-player game called "overcooked" and asked me to play with him.

what can I say? the first few levels were easy, but the more we played later, the more difficult it became. By the fifth level of the first chapter, we tried two or three times and failed.

We all believe that we can unlock the next level by trying again.

it is possible to unlock the next level only if you work hard to upgrade the game.

in fact, every relationship has some moments that make us want to be alienated and separated from each other, but this does not mean that the relationship is coming to an end. It is just a fluctuating curve that falls to a point and then slowly picks up.

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Wong Kar-wai's in the mood for Love has a follow-up. There is another Su Lizhen in 2046, and Zhou Murong wants her to go with him. She took out a deck of cards and said, "if you win, I'll go with you."

just like when my relationship with my boyfriend is in crisis, he won't break up with me immediately, but open the game on the computer and say, at least turn your favorite game on and off.


but it's not.

every time they feel about to leave, they take out their cards and say, "if you win, I'll go with you."

so, today's article is for those I want to bring to 2019. Thank you for your willingness to accompany me into the next year.

I hope to be disorganized and accompany you to 2019,


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