Some girls want no sugar and ice when they fall in love.

Some girls want no sugar and ice when they fall in love.
Stay away from sweets.

turned out to be a couple who were passionately in love, feeding each other food.

it's also wonderful, because of this, my relationship with Yi quickly became acquainted, because we found ourselves and each other are the same kind of person:

for us, "no sugar and ice" is the best love ingredient.

when I was in college, I had a brief relationship with men in the same department.

and when I'm not paying attention, he will come to my ear and say, "I want to drink, too." Then I put one hand on my shoulder and the other took the milk tea I had just drunk and took a hard sip.

that's an uncomfortable special feeling.

to tell you the truth, my first reaction was not moved or happy, but embarrassed when I saw his straightforward statement.

it's like chatting with him every night, when he suddenly makes a particularly nasty remark, which can instantly spoil all my interest.

but in fact, this excessive sweetness only makes me feel tacky and deliberate, even a little greasy and disgusting.

so the day I decided to break up with him, I only took a sip of his milk tea and threw it directly into the dustbin.

that cup of milk tea is like this, and so is his kindness to me.

A Yi, who is on the same road as me, was also very sweet when she was with her boyfriend, so sweet that the Wechat notes they gave each other were "fairy baby" and "big pig" respectively.

No longer cling to each other every day, no longer need to wait for each other's good night to fall asleep, or even without special holiday gifts, as long as you live each day calmly, you will feel that it is enough.

I didn't expect that after lowering the sugar content, each other would become so insensitive to the holidays.

once upon a time, my boyfriend secretly ran to ask Ah Yi's best friend because he didn't know what gift to give, and she mistook him for having an affair with his best friend.

almost every holiday, they will lose their strength and it will take a long time to recover.

you don't have to think about what to buy a month in advance, you don't have to save money for a holiday, and you don't have to make each other unhappy because the gifts are not what you want.

I asked Yi, "isn't that too unsurprising?"

with that, she took a sip of the sugar-free milk tea in her hand, and I gradually understood what she meant.

maintaining the so-called "high sugar content" will not only make both parties tired, but also easy to get bored in this relationship.

the same is true of falling in love.

after all, couples who can go on all the time are never the sweetest, but those who are most comfortable with each other.

Chen Lu has never been in love, so she has complete expectations for her first relationship.

just like drinking milk tea, she only drinks fresh milk tea, which is a mixture of milk and tea without fat powder or sugar. Once I took her drink and found it was very light, and because it was so icy, it tasted like water.

Chen Lu's mother is a head nurse in a municipal hospital. She has a lot of emergencies to deal with every day, so she gets off work late.

Chen Lu thought at first that his parents had a bad relationship, so they didn't want to stay in the living room at the same time.

later I learned that Dad went back to his room just to free up the sofa so that his mother could sleep and lie down after work.

"two people have been together for a long time, what they want is not to get bored together, but to have a person's space."

only two people are together and can be as comfortable as one person, which is the premise that a relationship can last.


maybe we have grown up and seen more, and we finally understand one thing--

two people maintain a relationship, just like having a common piggy bank. Every day, we like each other with each other. To do something for each other and put money into that emotional piggy bank.

although there seems to be a lot of harvest in the jar for a while, it won't be long before that convenience can go on.

that's why I'd rather have ice without sugar and be careful to make this relationship safe and go a little further.

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