Some fans told us: clutter has become commercial.

Some fans told us: clutter has become commercial.
There is nothing in this world that everyone agrees with. You like something special, which is essentially a process of screening some people.

the first thing is, from the time we started taking ads and when we started to set up a clothing brand, fans will leave messages in the background:


at the end of 17 years, we welcomed our ten thousand fans;

the last thing: cooking at home is all vegetarian. At this time, someone must think how to be so fasting.

in fact, commercialization is not a bad thing, and we do not deny that we are commercialized, just to be clear:

there is nothing everyone in the world agrees with, and you like something special. this is essentially the process of screening some people.

well, back to today's topic, what I want to tell you today is that our "let's start over" series pocket TEE is new again.


Black Powder T uses imported custom cotton 2x2 pull thread, which will make the whole neckline look thicker, better texture and more washable.

then someone will ask, will the quality of blue-white T be worse than that of black powder T?

Blue and White TEE uses a thread of 1x1. If you have bought Uniqlo T, you will probably understand.

Begin to show off your natural sense of beauty in our royal blue bridesmaid dresses . Our collections carry something for everyone, whatever your taste.

that's all I have to say. Let's move on to the highlight moment of this article:

within seven days from now, why don't we start all over again with the series "Film Black /soft Light Powder" TEE time-limited special price.

more about "Let's start over" series:

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