So we can only be friends.

So we can only be friends.
People who have known each other for many years cannot fall in love.

learn to play games, speak foul language, and behave in the direction of boys, but every day, he is affecting his mood.

when there are so many ups and downs that I can't bear, and he doesn't show anything, my mind stops.

I got together with another boy and broke up again. He, too, went on and off with his girlfriends, but we went through seven years together.

long enough to let us know the most real each other, he knew that I was angry and disappeared. I knew he was male chauvinist and couldn't pull back ten cows for what he decided to do.

and I haven't chosen to be together for so many years because I don't want to live that kind of life.

people who have attempted to each other, after refusing, it is really difficult to be together as if nothing had happened.


I think "no more contact" is the full stop of our relationship.

two months later, he called me. On the other side of the phone, he spoke with a big tongue, but he kept repeating a few sporadic words, clients, drinking, without keys.

I ran out in my nightdress and ran to the door of the house he rented, only to find that he was lying on the ground asleep.

I know why he called me, because my own address book, his phone is also at the top.

unlike my previous boyfriend, he deliberately forbids me from doing what I have done before and keeps developing the new hobbies that he and I share.

on the other hand, he tried to let me solve some problems on my own.

he said, "Let me find out what alternatives are available at home." he hopes I can solve the problem temporarily before he comes back.

when my boyfriend came back, he praised me for being smart, and the sense of achievement at that time was so great that I was instantly fascinated by the matter of "solving it by myself".

but it's worth mentioning that even after the breakup, I didn't go to him much.

if it ends like this, the whole story looks like I unilaterally rejected the story of a friend who has liked me for many years.

Dynamite in their sophistication, purple prom dresses makes your ensemble royally glamorous. Our huge collections of are better than the rest.

and what he said to try is only when he hasn't been in love for a long time and I'm the only one left around.


the most common thing I've heard them say is "unexpected". I didn't expect her to be so gentle. I didn't think he began to have a sense of responsibility.

some people say that friends who have been in love for many years cannot fall in love, and the biggest obstacle lies in that "many years" and "familiarity".

it is because it is not good enough that I chose to be just friends in the first place.


ask two questions:

did you star us?