"so, stop complaining."

"so, stop complaining."
In this day and age, even driving a Maserati to work will not be happy.

I also heard that the gangsters in the class next door got married early and had children, working outside while purchasing Putian shoes.

I can't say whether it's good or bad, but it's just that the poles are poles apart, which inevitably makes people feel sad and unexpected.

"you say, how can there be so much difference between people?"

she smiled: "every time you buy a bag, you always want the next one." When you look at the scenery of others, you may not know the sufferings of others. If you think that other people are working hard, it is possible that their small lives are nourishing. "

"so stop complaining."

"everyone in this building has his own anxiety and dissatisfaction."

A Jiang, an intern on the third floor of the company, secretly filled out three resumes of autumn tricks today. The second one was almost sent by internal mailbox. When filling the third one, I found the supervisor coming to me with afterlight. I was so scared that I immediately switched the page with the shortcut key.

is really guilty.

but if you don't be the thief, let's be brothers at the bottom of the overpass next June.

asked the supervisor many times implicitly or explicitly about becoming a regular employee, and each time he only got a vague sentence: "excellent is sure to be all right, the company will not treat its employees badly."

Bah, my brother believed this, and the whole senior was so diligent that he was kicked out by the company after graduation and had no place to reason.

I also thought about getting married, but what about the car? What about the house? Expenditure large and small can drive people crazy.

stay at home? No, not to mention that our family can't afford it. I can't afford to lose this person if I'm ashamed to ask my family for money.

when the fortune-teller said I could get married in five years, my first reaction was, who else is there but him? Maybe the fortune teller means that we can get rich in five years.

you see, he urged me to hurry home for dinner after work again. He just had to cook it himself. It was so easy to order takeout.

I put them together in the same building, which is filled with their dissatisfaction and anxiety.

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it's hard to imagine that having money can be troublesome, and seniority and experience can sometimes become a burden. Those who do not find a job envy those who have a job, and those who have a job envy those who work better.

just like the ending sentence " No matter how wonderful others are, not as precious as you ", most of the time those blind envy just add to their own pain.

is precisely based on this, the fourth issue of Beijing Evening at 8pm observed the scene of urbanites taking the subway home at the peak of 8pm every night, and created a series of three video stories of "Night and daydream", which recorded the normality of urbanites and the anxiety of each and every one of us in a hurry. From July 23 to July 25, it will be online at 8 o'clock every night, and you can see it when the home page of JD.com APP is pulled down.

in addition to being easily discontented and anxious, we are also the ones trapped by electronic devices, just like the scene in the poster "Old Friends" below, blindly immersed in the virtual space, but makes us ignore the beauty of the real life around us.

swipe pictures up and down to see

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when I was writing this article, I was also reflecting on myself, complaining all day long, whether life really made me so dissatisfied.

happened to go shopping with friends and took a fancy to a piece of clothes. There happened to be two pieces of clothes with similar styles but different colors. After trying, it was difficult to choose. Finally, I was cruel and bought all three.

so, in fact, I have always hated myself.

finally, let's end with a sentence that I like very much, which comes from Thackeray's Vanity Fair:

finally, let's end with a sentence that I like very much, which comes from Thackeray's Vanity Fair:

We want to give you a reason to continue to face this lousy life