Since it is the summer limit, forget about each other.

Since it is the summer limit, forget about each other.
Even if I still can't let you go.

many friends have made new decisions, such as ending a three-year long-distance relationship before October, or finally quitting that inappropriate job and changing city life.

throw things that you don't need into the dustbin in time.

every time I clean the wardrobe from season to season, I find that the clothes bought last year are not worthy of this year's vision. Even so, he is always reluctant to throw it.

anyway, I won't wear it again, and it's good to donate it.

@ yyee

sometimes I get annoyed when I see it, but I'm afraid to delete it for fear of having important information in it.

as a result, I shook my hands that day and accidentally pressed to clear all the chat records, and found that the consequences were not as serious as I had imagined.

I like the clothes in a store very much.

but because of the price of clothes, it is always beyond my affordability. So often put them in the shopping cart, there is no follow-up action.

it's just that every time I open Taobao, I can't help slipping onto those clothes, clicking on the overview details and secretly thinking about it.

until I watched them run out of stock with the change of season, and finally failed, and left my add-on list, I couldn't let go of my desire for them completely.

this process makes me realize that sometimes it takes an outside push to "let go" of one thing.

and bad habits, settle this quarter's bill.

I left my inconsiderate to my family, my blindness to love, my escape and abandonment to myself in this summer.

@ cxl

all this time, I have been thinking about whether or not to study abroad. At last, the perceptual me triumphed over the rational me, and I had to push myself while I was still young.

@ Huá ng Xiqiao

I want to put this stone down one day.

Last semester, I didn't take the exam after passing the professional qualification certificate of the whole dormitory.

after reading a few pages of the book, I finished the review task for the day.

every time I looked in the mirror and combed my knotted hair, I crawled into my body again like myself who was impetuous at that time.

because it has brought bad results to the established facts; putting it in the unknown future will make people fear the next mistake.


I'm sure I'll get better.

@ gentleness is that I

suddenly have a lot of positive energy every day, put aside those hypocritical little things, and only hope to bring more happiness to these children.

@ Calla

I have lived with my roommates for more than a year, and there was a gap last semester. I always felt that something was in the way between us. Now you can joke freely.

it's nice of them to let autistic people like me let their guard down.

when I was organizing and collecting, I read a special message:

once upon a time I saw a cloud in the sky and could fantasize about flying into the sky in my own steam spray shoes. Now I see a cloud in the sky, that is a cloud.

it turns out that "putting it down" has other benefits. You can finally free up your busy hands and pick up the things you have forgotten.



tear off the home sticker he posted, change the toughened film he pasted, and even replace the mobile phone case used together.

in fact, these things should have been done in the last season.

@ Bao Tsai Rice

when I saw the show on the video website a few days ago, I didn't reject the place to play it, and I realized that it was really a long time ago.

Last summer, my music software ranked first in listening to songs, which was Leong Jingru's "will pass".

Are you searching for traditional wedding dresses to give a shimmering look of a star? You are sure to find the design that will fit you perfectly and traditional wedding dresses will be just the addition your wardrobe needed.

for no other reason, for an unforgettable person.

every time I feel so sad that I feel pain in my chest, like when the waves come up, I will click on this song.

starting from the first sentence of the lyrics, I silently heard the last sentence, wondering when, as sung in the song, I could admit that "everything will pass."

the heart that had been entangled was suddenly untied.

of all the messages, @ cuooote reminds me most:

"when you ask me that, he immediately comes to mind, and I know that people who can't let go in summer can't be put down in autumn."

so I prefer the Cantonese saying that they pronounce the word "put him down" as "put him down".

more importantly, when you lower them, you also make room for more worthy people and things.

author /Ye Jingfei

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