Short hair makes me a girl who won't be liked.

Short hair makes me a girl who won't be liked.
Does it take only the first three seconds to know someone?

sitting in the barber chair, the hairdresser combed my hair and suddenly smiled: "you girls really like the same thing for a while, and these days they have gathered together to cut it short." He paused and recalled, "there must be at least a dozen this week."

I opened my eyes wide: "it's like bumping into a shirt, who is ugly and who is embarrassed. Then I don't want it. "

the stylist pinned the hair next to my cheek to the back of my ear: "in fact, your facial features are OK, do you want to try a shorter one, it should be very handsome."

the word "very handsome" poked me at once, and I nodded.

"then try it."

it is this beautiful little sister who tricked me into cutting my hair short


the birth of a new hairstyle seems to have undergone a magical sex reassignment operation.

I went shopping with my sister. I put on my sweater and stroked my messed-up hair: "I think this one is okay."

she didn't speak, hugged me from behind and leaned against my back, took a selfie and posted it on moments, with the words:

because of a short hair, I became the kind of girl that girls would like.


this short hair is also the reason for my acquaintance with A Liang, a boy.

like a young and sunny teenager, he just doesn't look like a girl.

I finally realized that I had become the kind of girl that boys wouldn't like.

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it's just that in the past, girls would take pictures in pairs, scrambling to be the smallest and prettiest face in the lens, and few people thought of me bowing my head and playing with my mobile phone.

their "love" is just because I won't steal the limelight in the camera.

the handsome short hair made me draw a clear line with those wars without gunpowder smoke in the group of girls.

in the straight man's world view, the big wavy and curly hair with the same makeup of Internet celebrities is suspected of being a flirtatious bitch. If you have a slightly higher consciousness, you will seriously think about whether she is a green tea bitch or a white lotus in a black straight fairy dress.

so sometimes we can't help laughing, saying not to judge people by their appearance, but walking around, no matter how clear-headed we are, we can't avoid the rigid first impressions carved by secular eyes in our minds.

A few days ago, a film "the first lesson of School", four young idols, pushed the word "sissy" back to the forefront of public opinion.

whether handsome boys or handsome girls, what they have in common is that they are "neither male nor female" in the population.

Li Yinhe said: "gender stereotype is the double oppression of men and women. There are no standard men and no standard women."

I also want to keep my hair long, not to cater to the public to "look like a girl", but to prove that my boyfriend dares to mess up my hair in this way

girls often say to me, "I'd love to try short hair, but I feel sad when I think of losing my long hair for so many years."

many people will associate a girl's short hair with the idea of "cutting invention", just like knowing that giving up ruthlessly will lead to a result and a turnaround, but it is still because of the word "reluctant", dragging a relationship that drags all one's strength.

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although I hate to admit it, there are some things that can be changed by hair.

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