"she still couldn't delete him."

"she still couldn't delete him."
Everyone has a misunderstanding about the world.


it's just that it doesn't seem to matter whether or not you've ever been together when one likes the other but runs away.

at that time he walked unrestrained, leaving her still struggling in place.

this stereotyped impulse is repeated at the end of many relationships, and I asked softly, deleted it, and then.

I: "just block it."

I: "if you delete it, you can't help it."


one day, she mentioned it to me carelessly.

I can't figure out what words to comfort her. I can't even figure out whether she still cares.

she: "Congratulations to him."

she: "forget it, stop smiling, it looks like I'm fake."

she: "the other party. It doesn't look good either. "

she: "but it looks gentle."

she: "sure enough, she is too strong."

she: "mm-hmm."

Who doesn't want to be a bit more radiant in little bride dresses? Your dream garment is just a mouse click away.

she: "well, if you look at it like this, it's quite sober."

force yourself to accept "impossible", "become a thing of the past" and so on.

but think about it, it's not worth it if one person's emotion towards another person can be controlled by a delete button.

"Damn it. He blocked me. "

she: "Why did he block me?"

she: "it's sudden that I haven't posted it on moments for a long time."