Send Iphone X to your girlfriend.

Send Iphone X to your girlfriend.
Recently, there is a hot topic about Zhihu.

she asked, "you can see from the chat notes that the girl studied abroad." So if IPHONEX is a cheap toy for her, it seems normal for her to get angry because the other person doesn't want to give it away. "

if two people's views on money do not match, the weight of something in their hearts will naturally be different.

and up to now, I don't feel soft when I buy her a pair of 700s of ASICSTIGER. In fact, she had already bought another pair of high heels that night, and she didn't even want the running shoes, but I told her, "I like this brand. I want you to wear them with me."

imagine a scene. If my girlfriend asked me to buy her an Armani when I was a freshman, I might talk to her about "the importance of financial independence between couples" like Zhihu's boyfriend. Today, if she really wants to be mad at me for not buying her lipstick, I can really understand and feel that she is too stingy.

one, if two people with different views on money do not quarrel over an Armani today, they may also quarrel over an IPHONEX tomorrow, and both sides feel justified.

three, so the woman made a mistake in making demands beyond the man's ability. This is not a test, but forcing two people to death. At the same time, the man also made a mistake, the fault is that the chat records of the two people are private, even if the avatar is removed, it will cause harm to the person they once liked, which can vent their anger, but it is really inappropriate.

at the same time, if you are asked for more gifts than you can afford, don't rush to emphasize "financial freedom", confess your situation to each other, and finish early if you still suffer from incomprehension.

obviously everyone is not together because of money.

this has been putting the cart before the horse for a long time.

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