School is about to begin, and I want to plan a breakup.

School is about to begin, and I want to plan a breakup.
I'm about to graduate.

so I went to talk to my friends who had graduated. I wanted to get some advice, but they took the opportunity to pour out a lot of regrets.

I know that many of you are about to graduate. The following is their "hard to buy and know" to share with you.

do something important

clarify the definition of "like"

I'm a journalist now, and I can chase the truth every day.

but as I do it, I find that I increasingly hate to "exaggerate only part of the truth to guide public opinion."

accidentally, I get the same salary as the intern. If I want to go to a faraway place for an interview, I have to deduct 480 yuan for a day off.

after trying it all, it will let you distinguish between those you like and those that fit. Don't end up in the profession to find out how much you hate your current life.

what looks interesting is not like. You have to learn to appreciate it before you like it.

Don't get caught up in self-deception

the book is so heavy that it sweats my head, but the heavier it is, the more hope I have in my heart.

I'm sure they can help me understand the complexity and diversity of the world after I get out of society, and enable me to find peace in a treacherous society.

when I came outside the campus, I found that it was much more expensive than I thought to put down a desk for me to read quietly in the rental house.

distinguish between freedom and evasion

after graduation, I changed four jobs a year.

there are many reasons: the boss is unreliable, the colleague is unprofessional, and the salary is not optimistic.

until the last interview, HR asked me the direction of writing my graduation thesis, but I couldn't answer it, because my graduation thesis was written by someone else.

I suddenly realized that changing jobs frequently is not because of environmental problems, but because of my habitual evasion.

also need to do unimportant things

@ ZZz

@ Pippi

before I was nervous about sending my resume A close friend of mine plays games every day.

maybe we are people with different values, so I alienated him.

unexpectedly, when he asked me to get together again, he said that he was deliberately alienating me at that time.

that is to say, our relationship has not changed, it is just a rejection reaction between student status and job identity.

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in fact, I know that whether it is a "useful" paper textual research, or a "useless" relationship breakup, it is meaningful for us.

for example, if you spend ten minutes after class when you are reading, if you spend it in preparation and review, you will not be able to chat with friends or people you like.

but only you know how important the company of "friends" and "loved ones" is.

that's why I wrote this article:

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