Rubbish college life

Rubbish college life
Even in the summer vacation, I can't relax.

most of you should be spending your summer vacation now, busy playing, busy dating, busy bored.

in the afternoon, I chatted with a sophomore writer and found that she went to work as an intern during the summer vacation.

she said: "the sophomore internship looks a little early, but it's strange to say that there are a lot of people around me asking about the internship."

I said, "it's not strange for sophomores to ask about internships, because college students are panicked."

most people have a fantasy before entering college.

when you fall in love, you don't need to deceive your superiors and inferiors, you also have plenty of time to earn your own living expenses, and you can learn a lot of practical things to lay the foundation for employment.

so when you come in and find that this is not the case at all, you will inevitably feel flustered.

may be when the ratio of boys to girls in the school is extremely uneven, or it may be when the school learns a lot of inexplicable things in class.

I excitedly joined the student organization of the school, doing a lot of activities, planning, meeting, execution, staying up late, discussing, and coming up with plans.

one day when he was idle, he suddenly smelled "panic".

later, the minister put his work in front of him and said how his work was.

I didn't mean to criticize anything through this incident, and my friend still had a good relationship with the department later.


there are a lot of sophomores, right? Freshman year is almost over, right?

at the end of this summer, you are the senior dogs.

my ability doesn't seem to be much different from that of the college entrance examination.

when I think of it, I don't know if I can find a job after graduation.

I realized this during my sophomore summer vacation.

it looks like a transparent dress.

actually you know about it, but you are embarrassed to take it off. You say, " I can't go without clothes." "

the remarks in the market, half advocate that universities are useless, half advocate that universities are a platform and that education is paramount.

I said at the beginning that I envy you that you still have a summer vacation, not that I envy you that you can have a rest and have a holiday.

you don't have to rent a house or borrow money. The only KPI is 60 at the end of the term.

in the past, we thought it was a reformer, putting people in and brushing them out.

Fulfill your personal fashion needs in our navy blue bridesmaid dresses. There are perfect pieces for formal and informal events.

does not mean an ideal environment that you like best, but the "ideal environment" in the laboratory. The essence of

university is the "ideal condition" for providing experiments.

you can also do what you like, and

you can stick to your major.

what should I do if I skip class and fail?

what if the interviewer feels that the major is not right?

what if I am teased?

once we have such an idea in mind, our only option is "step by step".

in fact, I can honestly tell you that most people can find jobs.

but the next question that follows is: "I don't seem to like my current job."

after I found a job, I found that another problem was that I was very unhappy at work.

unhappy work is temporary. When I have saved money and become rich, I will find a job I like.

Life needs money, family wants money, do you want to get married? Are you going to get married? You're going to have a baby, right? You have to raise it, right?

so let's go back to college.

think of a question, you do not have any burden at this moment, if you do not dare to make a decision at the moment, when the burden is heavier in the future, do you really dare to do something?

this is the most precious thing about college.

because it requires "awareness".

the year I finished my sophomore year, I watched legal high.

Gu Meimen said: "they are just for fun. They don't think they really want to jump out of their original life to change, nor are they ready to fight for life change."