Put on a messy fisherman's hat. I'm the prettiest guy in the street.

Put on a messy fisherman's hat. I'm the prettiest guy in the street.
Every pretty boy wants to have a messy fisherman's hat.

this is a Cantonese sentence, which comes from thorns and is now embroidered on the brim of a fisherman's hat.


([disorganized warm Men's Department],

([disorganized warm Men's Department],

([disorganized warm Men's Department],

Busy searching a piece of tulle wedding dress to show your femininity? Effortless to use and amazing value too.

our handsome editor, bramble, seems to have been broken. In the face of memes flying all over the world, he can only be alone in a mysterious canyon in the middle of the night to comfort his broken heart.

regret not keeping the emoji package well, regret not writing a few more meme tweets, so that the chief editor's meme is more familiar to the world, so that he loses a chance to become a celebrity.

in addition, out of excitement and curiosity about "the prettiest boy", we have collected some interesting information about fisherman's hat to share with you.

from coastal to inland, from southwest to northeast, and even Inner Mongolia, Tibet, and Xinjiang.

maybe one day you will meet a reader in the street wearing a fisherman's hat, a tote bag on his shoulder and our clothes.



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