"Please take care of yourself."

"Please take care of yourself."
I hate trouble, and you are such a troublemaker.

I am very angry. People like to be sarcastic when they are angry.

finally knocked heavily: "anyway, there is not only one Wang Xiuxiu in the world."

Wang Xiuxiu is an important person of mine. He has been ill for a long time.

most people feel guilty when they hear those lengthy names that they don't understand. If it is a disease, I am afraid it is a serious problem.

he said it was congenital, staying up late caused the disease, but after a minimally invasive operation, it would be better.

Wang Xiuxiu and I only talk at night. After he was ill, we talked even less. Either he said I should go to bed early tonight, or I took the initiative to urge him, you have to go to bed, right?

because at that time I was going through an internship, moving, just starting to live alone, and there were some changes at home, and I felt a lot of pressure and anxiety.

I have heard before that after some people get sick, the people close to them gradually disperse. I think it's a pity. Why can't we give more support and stick to it a little longer?

later, because there was no sudden heart condition, Wang Xiuxiu did not have an operation.

even one night, he excitedly came to tell me that he not only had to go to bed early, but also got up early for exercise, clocked in every day, and asked me to supervise him.

but a few days later, I woke up at seven with anticipation and never received good morning again.

made him happy for a few days, and I reminded him not to forget that he was a patient and that he had planted the flag. Wang Xiuxiu skipped my words with his usual trick.

as a result, he had a fever the next day, and after eating proudly for a few days, he got gastroenteritis.

I'm really angry.

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and the sentence "anyway, there is not only one Wang Xiuxiu in the world."

I remember that when I was in high school, I once had an evening study. I wanted to go back to my dormitory, but the dormitory of the school had access control, so I could only enter at a specified time.

whether it is really painful or not, the senior man will not look into it, and my boyfriend at that time could not see it at all.

received several text messages from him in the evening. Seeing that he was nervous, I couldn't help laughing at him for being stupid: "Don't you see me leaving the classroom at a brisk pace?"

he said: "I don't know what physical pain feels like. I can only ask them. When they tell me, they will faint and scare me to death."

later, I got angry because Wang Xiuxiu wanted to have a barbecue.

patients like to say, "I'm fine," which doesn't work at all.

whenever my mother gets sick, I persuade her to go to the hospital. She always says impatiently, "I know myself." (I know best about my physical condition)

I do my homework in my room and run out to see her every few minutes.

when I saw that her posture had not changed, I was worried that she might faint.

now, Wang Xiuxiu is very weak in my heart. I don't know when there will be complications again, but he always shouts pain one second and says he's all right the next.

Wang Xiuxiu was extremely nervous all day. She kept asking me on the other end of the phone how I felt. Don't lie to him. What did the doctor say? what's going on now?

because there is no way to feel each other's discomfort, and suspect that each other's "nothing" is to dispel the worries of the people around you.


suddenly remembered that he could not eat eggs with a fever, and that Western-style bread would contain egg ingredients, so he immediately asked him what kind of bread he would eat.

me: "the white kind" (Western bread is usually yellow)

I smiled and thought our words were strange, but he inexplicably answered to the point. I'm really nervous. it's obviously steamed, but how can it be Western-style bread?

recently, however, we feel that we should also spare our lives for the people around us.

it's the third week at work and the second week at school.