Playing games, it is easy to have emotional accidents.

Playing games, it is easy to have emotional accidents.
Let's play another game.

are those unexpected and unexpected stories.

there seems to be no beginning and no end, but that's the difference between life and games.

everybody, take your time.

@ Middle-aged Hai is in a small town

later A Jiang went to work in Shenzhen, while I stayed in my hometown to develop. We also occasionally communicate with each other, and we always miss youth uncontrollably in our words.

Timi is ten years old, and Ah Jiang and I are both in our thirties. I hope we can always be as happy as we were when we played the arcade.

@ Fish's tail has no crow's feet

fortunately, after sending a long phone call with Xiao, he basically plays my invitation to play pesticide games crazily on weekends. Although he doesn't say it, I know he doesn't want me to be so lonely out of town, and the days have come with the support of his long-distance friendship.

this kind of companionship means more than anything else. The warmth may be small, but it gives me a lot of courage.

@ Bye

"Gee, I don't feel good today. I'll take you some other time," she said.

this has been going on for two months, and she invites me every day, and her level is as good as ever.

"maybe I'm more talented, ."

in fact, there are not so many talents. I just saw that her level was so poor that she was always killed and could not bear it. I just practiced in private.

unexpectedly, she shouted to me, "Why didn't you save me? whoo, you didn't save me."

We haven't played games together since.

@ Xiao Huang

then continue to give her head like this, and finally she pushes my crystal.

the way I made up with my sister was Arena of Valor

my relationship with my sister has always been bad. She thinks I have stolen the favor of my parents, and I think she likes to snitch. Although I celebrated my 18th birthday last year, she didn't usually talk to me, even though I didn't do anything wrong. In the middle of this year, our relationship unexpectedly broke the ice, which is funny because of the game.

after knowing that the boy likes to play games, she tried every means to find out about the boy's pesticide ID and Dazhou. As a result, she found that she was not good enough and was afraid of being rejected by the boys, so she had to put on airs and come to me, hoping that I would show it for her.

Timi's 10th anniversary is also the first year of my sister's relationship, so let the game continue to accompany them and go to a happy distance as soon as possible. maybe it's time for my sister to write player stories herself.

@ teacher

I ran qualifying with him for two or three days. After chatting for a few days, he suddenly said to me, "May I call you Shifu?"

he said: "if you run ranked with you these days, you can win a lot of A cars with only B-car Decepticons, which shows that you are very strong, and you are also very low-key. I admire you very much."

he continued: "I am a talker. I always want to tell others what I know in the game, but basically no one wants to listen." But you are different. I can feel that you are willing to express your opinions, and you have made a connection virtually, which makes me feel very comfortable. "

since then, I will often watch his running picture video, point out the problems to him, and he will tell me some of his skills so that my driving skills can continue to improve.

as soon as he launched, he immediately invited me to gang up. The first sentence said to me, "Master, long time no see."

when I was fighting one-on-one, I found that his driving skills had improved a lot. He said that he had thought about the skills I taught him during the period when I was not logged in, so he went up several levels in an instant.

it's really nice to be missed in the game. Small games can also bring value to others. I believe that among the people around us in real life, we can do the same.

@ Mao Mao does not clench his teeth

he is the first to enter the pit, and then says that he wants me to play with him. Little girls who are in love feel very happy with their boyfriends. It's just the beauty that you can play games for an afternoon by ordering two cups of milk tea in a milk tea shop, but in the end, they are separated peacefully because of disagreements during the postgraduate entrance examination.

that "TIMI" was my college day.

what impresses me most is the sound of "TIMI".

in the twinkling of an eye, the headmaster held the tassel on our hats, and we graduated.

to this day, when I hear "TIMI", my first reaction is still my college days. Timi has been moving forward for ten years, and I didn't stay in the same place, so keep the memory of the university in my heart.

have you ever thought about why people get closer because of the game?

and for a relationship to be closer, you have to go through some challenges together.

but the game also has its drawback, that is, once we get back to life, everything seems to go back to the way it was.

so when you take off your earplugs, turn off the game, and go back to a Wechat chat that is closer to reality, or even on a face-to-face date, it becomes more cramped, causing those relationships to come and go quickly.

the SLOGAN of Timi's 10th anniversary is "the game is very small, the life is very big", but for young people like me who are played throughout my youth, there may be no difference between games and life, because games are a part of my life.

because without it, I would lose a lot of interesting Jedi turnaround, many important friends, and many memories and stories that used to gang up together.

but anyway, let's just say "thank you". As soon as we get back to the group chat, it's still the same sentence: "do you want to come?"


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