People who don't have time for puppy love.

People who don't have time for puppy love.
Do you think I'm fit to fall in love?

I have suffered a lot for this.

said that I secretly changed my seat to the back row in order to chat with the girls.

my father left work early that afternoon.

"did you have a girlfriend?"

my father dragged me over and said, "I've seen you holding a little girl's hand yet."

it's just that every child has done something against their parents' wishes.

such as stealing snacks,

for me, after that day,


be careful, be careful, and fight.

at the beginning of the year, I had a friend, a girl, who had a crush on a boy.

there are many factors that make her not so optimistic about the relationship.

I was in a bad mood after refusing.

what impressed me most that day was that she asked me:

I smiled and said, "I was young when I first fell in love. I didn't know anything." Maybe it's because I don't know anything, so I'm not afraid of anything. "

"maybe I was too picky when I was a child."

she: "I typed the word fear, and then deleted it. I felt a little pussy."

I can't help thinking of another friend in high school.

hesitated for a week and then agreed.

when the boy asked why, she shook her head.

"I'm afraid my parents will know. I'm really scared. "

every time I write puppy love, people inevitably talk about their parents.

perhaps what they want to know more than condemn their parents is that

because too many people describe the feelings of their school days as pure and beautiful.

the "non-puppy lovers" feel more vaguely that there is something wrong.

I have a faint feeling in my mind that

my friends didn't fall in love until they graduated from college.

I asked a few questions.

he: "Engineering school, girls are so hard to find."

he: "one, I didn't succeed in expressing my love once, so I studied hard."

he: "wait for the rich woman to take care of it. If not, then go on a blind date."

he: "I don't know. Let's talk about it when we get it."

he shook half a cup of coffee and half joked:


I used to think that I was not the right person to fall in love.

but to this day, even though we love to show in the eyes of others,

I am not careful and often forget some details that she hates.

I'm not sweet either. I haven't prepared any romance for her so far.

people who have been in puppy love are also in love.

whether I have been in love or not,

I have never met anyone who belongs to the kind of physique that is particularly suitable for falling in love.

"what do you think is the biggest difference between puppy love and no puppy love?"

"maybe puppy lovers miss a little less, they don't have to wait."

Look no further than little girl prom dresses and radiate your elegant beauty. Why don’t you pick the cheap but high quality dress?

is written last.

if you meet someone you like, don't hesitate.

Wang Zepeng

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