One question: what is the monthly salary?

One question: what is the monthly salary?
This is a problem.

what do we mean by quoting this sentence?

wedding dresses for kids are eternal topic of fashion, which display your unique femininity. Don’t be shy, just click the button and sit back to enjoy a grand shopping experience!

Let's start all over again. The second batch of blue-and-white pocket TEE has finally been replenished today!

but I believe that some newcomers are not very familiar with this dress, so it doesn't matter. I'll show you a group of photos first:

after knowing the situation, we immediately began to cut and replenish the goods. Originally, the second batch also wanted to get pre-sale, but we didn't want everyone to wait long, so this time we

have stock!

there is stock!

I would also like to thank the students who bought the first batch of clothes.

We want to give you a reason to continue to face this lousy life