On Valentine's Day, we share the same small waist.

On Valentine's Day, we share the same small waist.
Don't be out of balance.

this year's Valentine's Day is very special to me. The special thing is that I spent it with a boy.

walking on the edge of the Pearl River, looking at the slow cruise ship on the river, I threw out a question.

"I'm having a fight, and I'm getting bored." Ah Dong took my words and looked ahead and walked side by side with me.

"did you upset your girlfriend?"

"otherwise." He sighed. "it's a big holiday. Who wants to take a walk with you?"

"she gave me a present today, but I forgot. She said I was unfair to her, and then there was no more." As he said that, A Dong's eyes casually turned to the neon lights of the tall buildings on the other side.

"I know it's my fault this time, but I didn't send her anything less before. Is it necessary to be so angry?"

since I met Adong in high school, he seldom complains in front of me because of bad feelings.

"how does she usually treat you?"

"not bad. At least I pay more attention to her than I do. "

hearing this, I patted him on the shoulder: "it's normal for her to be angry."

seeing Adong's brow tightening more and more, I can only continue to explain:

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you two are like two wavy lines seeking to interweave. Only at the point where the two lines intersect will you all be happy. This point is the so-called fairness. "

speaking of this, we both stopped facing the Pearl River.

the colorful neon lights on the outer wall of "Xiaoman waist" on the other side reflect Adong's numerous thoughts at the moment.

"well, it's really troublesome to fall in love."

"are we still talking about that?"

"No talk."

"Hey, wife. I'm going back soon. Love you. Mua~ "

seeing his smiling face, I turned my head contemptuously and looked at the Guangzhou Tower not far away.

at this time, the lights on "Xiaoman waist" stopped the numerous changes and gradually tended to be unified.

"isn't that a small thing?"

I said, raising my hands and scratching: "it's like an one-sided balance."

"mm-hmm." Ah Dong assumed a thoughtful look and then asked, "so what happened to you?"

"later …" With that, I straightened my back and propped my hands on the guardrail by the river.

after taking a deep breath:

prompted me to turn around eagerly.

ask two questions:

did you star us?