On average, a person tells lies six times a day.

On average, a person tells lies six times a day.
You don't have to be embarrassed.

"when you see through the truth, you can lie skillfully."

interestingly, I also found this contradictory state in others.

Mom sometimes says, "I'm so tired today. Let's just get something to eat for this meal, shall we?"

when my mother asks me if I eat so little because I don't like it, I will say, "I don't exercise today. I feel full."

in fact, I can always clearly realize that we are really short of money in many details of my life, in conversations and quarrels that my parents did not intend to hear.

so I learned to cooperate with their lies early on.

pretend that everything is all right, and slowly, it seems that everything is really all right. It was the only way to make everyone feel a little easier at that time.

once a friend came to me to ask me about some activity experience, just in time for dinner, so I asked her to have dinner with me. After dinner, she said she was in a hurry to review. I said it's okay to let her go first.

I asked her, "Don't you want to review?"

I nodded and said nothing more. I just feel in my heart that I shouldn't ask her out. Maybe she just wants a little help and doesn't want to have dinner with me at all.

this is an euphemistic lie. Even if you see through it, you will wisely choose to "believe".

"I pretended not to see through because I didn't want to waste everyone's time." Ah Jie told me this sentence.

Ajie habitually opened the red packet she chatted in private, and when she found that the amount was "5.20", he realized that it was wrong.

divided into two turns, one time 3.2 yuan, one time two pieces.

Ajie knew that her carelessness and coincidences were lies, and he also cooperated with her to pretend not to know.

he shook his head: "she often comes to me now, and I will reply, but she always says that she is busy or sleepy, and then ends the conversation." I don't want her to be embarrassed and I don't want to waste her time.

it suddenly occurred to me that maybe girls are also cooperating, and both of them are tacitly cooperating with each other to lie.

I joked that "there is a story" under the circle of friends I mentioned at the beginning, and that friend replied that "people are in rivers and lakes, they can't help themselves", full of tragic feelings.

as soon as he moved into the college dormitory, he got a general understanding of the family situation and character of several people in the dormitory through everyone's dress style, living habits, and daily contacts.

tell the roommate of the bed that he is not feeling well, so he won't go.

then only the two roommates went out happily together.

although it is regrettable that we need to cooperate with lying, there may be another warm saying: "I know you have difficulties in not wanting to go public. It doesn't matter. I will stay with you in a way that makes you feel comfortable."

the homonym of Cantonese is "you and us".

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