Nowadays boys go out with two packs of paper towels.

Nowadays boys go out with two packs of paper towels.
Boys who are nice to everyone, when they like someone, it's hard to find out.

to tell you the truth, there are very few boys around me who go out with two packs of paper towels. He was the first one I met, so later I told my colleagues that he must be very popular with girls.


the road back to her dormitory in high school is very dark, and students are not allowed to bring their cell phones, so every time after self-study in the evening, she can only grope her way back.

when walking, the boy deliberately ran in front of her and took off his watch. The watch was the kind with an electronic screen. He pressed the screen on and gave her a beam of light under her feet.

but his colleagues soon discovered that when he and other girls went back to the dormitory, he would also use his watch to show others the way; in the morning, when a girl didn't have breakfast, he would buy bread for others during recess exercises; when it rained, a girl didn't bring an umbrella. He would rather get wet himself and give others an umbrella.

so now, she is seldom attracted to such boys, because she can't feel her "particularity" in them.

but in a relationship, what girls care about is not how good he is to himself, but how different he is to himself and others.

I always thought that boys who go out with two packs of paper towels are easy to find girlfriends because they are careful, warm and considerate of everyone's feelings.

after all, boys who are nice to everyone are hard to find when they like someone.

over time, their "love" is overshadowed by the popular "good", and no one can read their mind.

my friend Lao Zhou, he always has only one paralyzed expression on his face, and even when all his friends are laughing at a joke, he bends his mouth slightly at most.

in fact, Lao Zhou didn't do anything, but he still made the people around him feel that different care.


but I think they are different, because the central air conditioner has a strong purpose.

No matter how many people stay, they take it all.

but boys who are nice to everyone are more likely to do so out of habit.

when the teacher asked who was on duty, I raised my hand timidly. Unexpectedly, when the boy saw me raising my hand, he immediately changed his tune and said, "I'll do it."

he is full of riffraff, not necessarily a gentleman; he does this to a lot of girls, and he doesn't necessarily like me.

so I think they are lucky to know such a boy, even if they are not necessarily suitable for being boyfriends.

at the end, I feel a bit of a pity more or less.

if possible, I hope they can make some small changes, such as when sending umbrellas to people they don't like, adding: "it's normal to send umbrellas to you. We are good friends."

Don't underestimate these words. They can both dispel delusions and convey concern.

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