Now, I can still get my ex's Didi itinerary to share.

Now, I can still get my ex's Didi itinerary to share.
"remember" is not a shameful thing.

I remember that once, a colleague mumbled "going out so late" while looking at his mobile phone. " When the word

comes out of his mouth, we know that there is a story and quickly ask him why he is still in touch with his ex and whether he wants to get back together.

he knows when his ex-girlfriend came home from work, when and where she went for dinner, and even when she went to which hotel.

in case she is in danger, at least know the itinerary and save her.

it can only be said that the atmosphere of Dapai stalls is too delicate. in this environment, people's thoughts cannot be hidden. He knows the confusion in our hearts at a glance, so he doesn't have to wait for us to ask. He replied first:

"if I still like it, I won't get used to these text messages. It's because I don't like it that I watch these itineraries and share them every day, and I think it doesn't matter."

it was he who made me understand that it is better to "get used to" and "ignore" than to "forget" someone who leaves.

it is better to "get used to" and "ignore" because the action of "forget" is difficult.

at first he was with Li Tang, so he tattooed "Tang" on his arm. Later, when he fell in love with Li, he washed out the original words and tattooed a "play" on the back of his neck.

but memories are not tattoos. All the people who have accompanied us and the things we have experienced cannot be washed off. They just lie in the memory all the time, waiting for a moment to be awakened.

I have also tried desperately to forget someone, because I feel that now that he has left, I should no longer remember him. My self-esteem told me that I was useless if I couldn't keep him, and if I didn't forget him, I would really lose.

later, a friend was lovelorn and sat at kfc all night. By the time I got there, the paper towels on the table had piled up into a hill. She choked up and said to me, "I just can't forget him. What should I do?"

remembering is not a shameful thing, but forgetting is a painful thing.


isn't it better now /

you just need to hang her up every now and then /

I've written a lot of articles about my ex, and every time I look back on those words, the memories are like water pouring out of the fountain mouth. I can't stop.

when my boyfriend and I were lying in bed with nothing to do, we would also talk about each other's exes, about what kind of person Ta was, where Ta and Ta had been, and what we had done for Ta.

because I know that we can talk about exes so calmly because we all let go.

such memories are like lava ejected from a crater, which can burn people with one drop.


the attitude expressed is also different with different names.

I used to like ex and wanted him to get out of my life, but now I prefer ex, perhaps because I have become more tolerant and I allow him to stay in my heart.

hack Wechat, delete moments, empty photo albums, and no matter how hard you try to clean up the traces about him, some detail will pop up in your life to remind you that he has been here.

good night.

if you like, listen to me not talking

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