"Note on going to my boyfriend's house for the New year."

"Note on going to my boyfriend's house for the New year."
They're gonna love you.

at this time last year, I scribbled an article on "what to pay attention to when going to my boyfriend's house for the New year". This year, we decided to push it again, hoping to be of some help to you.

fall in love for a year and a half

# know everything you can know in advance through your boyfriend.

after a few sweeps, his mother ran out of the kitchen and said, "Oh, no, go watch TV. I'll clean it up later." And I keep saying politely that it's okay.

things you can learn in advance include, but are not limited to, differences in customs in different regions, the special likes and dislikes of each other's parents, and relatives who may meet on the same day.

by the way, you might as well guess what questions you will be asked with your boyfriend. The first meeting is usually family, salary and work. because the boyfriend may know better what kind of answer will be more popular with his parents.

this is an old problem. Before I went to his house, I asked my mother if my brother would have to do the dishes if he brought a girlfriend home.

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so you have to take the initiative to ask, but his mother usually won't let you really wash it, so just help collect the dishes and clean the table.

@ Zhang thorn thorn: to help with the housework is to wash the dishes at most, but don't do anything else. It's a bit too much to sweep the floor and mop the floor if you don't get married or move here. Washing dishes is when you eat, you can take the initiative to work hard.

@ Vivi

A girl has a stable relationship and is loved by her boyfriend's parents

of course, some people say that it doesn't matter if the students still don't give gifts, and the parents of the other party will politely say, "No, no," but they still have to.

when he went to my house for the first time to pay New year's greetings, he didn't have any money when he was a freshman. He wanted to buy cigarettes for my father, but he bought them by mistake and bought a very cheap one.

conversely, it is the same for girls to go to boys' house. in fact, parents only care about courtesy and bring some New year's goods and fruits for the first time.

after talking for a few years, it's much easier to go to his house now. Having a happy meal and making a profit is that when you buy more things, you naturally know what his parents like.

# be sweet, but don't be too warm, it's fake.

in the eyes of elders, you are too glib and unlikable, which makes people think that you are hypocritical, good at pretending, and not real.

@ ddd: help if you need help. Don't rush there if you don't need it. You can sit and chat, but don't appear to be in urgent need of performance.

@ Wei Qing male

his father is a civil servant and attaches great importance to politeness and etiquette.

my father is the kind of person who attaches great importance to etiquette and politeness. Young people like me have to pour tea and water for others every meal, which has been integrated into the blood since childhood.

of course, there are also etiquette at the dinner table, such as seating arrangements, seating arrangements for elders, and toasting.

it is not necessarily that officialdom people pay attention to politeness, it is the same everywhere, there is no need to be too nervous, just pay attention to the details of etiquette.

remember to bring gifts for New year's greetings. You can ask your boyfriend what to give, but officials should pay attention to receiving gifts. Fruit is the safest thing.

@ Mia: be sure to call people sincerely and politely. Don't refuse red envelopes from elders, be sure to take them with both hands. Don't make a sound when you eat, be gentle. The food only sandwiched in front of you often smiles. Look at people gently, use your mobile phone less and communicate more.

@ Annnna: don't be self-righteous and pretend to understand. When you talk about areas you are not good at, you should probably answer them, so as not to arouse the dissatisfaction of your elders. When what the elders say is wrong, they can only explain, not argue.

@ Anonymous woman

the future mother-in-law dotes on her son

those aunts who love her son will be harsher on you.

Don't give up in front of your elders, show filial piety to them and be modest.

answer elders' questions with a smile, speak louder, and don't be too shy.

when you encounter a question that you can't answer, your boyfriend should be more eye-catching and be able to save the scene.

Don't step on your boyfriend! When his family criticizes your boyfriend, don't follow suit, just smile cleverly.

@ jimmy-liao: it's important to smile when you speak. It makes people think you are cheerful. Boyfriend is usually very good to you, but also to rein in, otherwise mother will not rest assured.

@ Zhou Yazhi: the thing to pay attention to is that your boyfriend, it is best to accompany you at all times, to help you pick up the obstacles and resolve the embarrassment.

@ he S woman

A woman who can stay at her boyfriend's house.

visiting his house for the New year may be the only time in my life when I need to find a way to "look fat".

being too thin will make people think you are weak and weak.

my boyfriend's house is too far away. I rented a hotel nearby when I went to his house for the first time to pay New year's greetings. Later, my aunt found out and let me stay at their house for the next few years.

you can't sleep with your boyfriend, no!

and since you're staying at someone else's house, remember to get up early and see if you need a hand to prepare breakfast or something.

@ WEARE: don't sleep until noon. Remember to fold the quilt when you get up and work hard. Put your shoes away when you change your shoes.


# Let you make yourself at home, and don't be so smooth.

you can be less comfortable, but don't really relax.

calculate the eight characters in advance and will not go to Baidu. They will implicitly ask you, where are you from, what do you like to eat when your skin is so white, and what time you were born?

if it doesn't match, it's over.

for example, if you and your boyfriend forget it yourself, if both of them are hot, the elderly will say bad things and will collide with each other. At this time you say, very good, mutual support, wealth is more prosperous. Xiangke says complement each other.

@ ddd: be reserved, but don't pretend, because aunts and uncles are old enough to see through everything.


but before I write, it suddenly occurred to me that maybe the most direct way is to ask my parents after all.

she took a sip of tea and said leisurely, "strong> I don't want her to do housework, but I just care if she has that heart." "

Brother long, who has been cheated by his parents for many times, said to me in the interview:" thinks that pretending can deceive him, but in fact, his parents are both old Youtiao, so be honest. "

in fact, this is a custom in some rural families. If you cook it, you can recognize you and be able to fall in love with their daughter.

another interesting point is that when you visit your boyfriend for the New year, you are also checking whether he is smart enough to help you out, how he is doing to your family, how he behaves at home, and whether he will firmly introduce you to his family.

so don't be too nervous and have a happy meal.

Note to visit your boyfriend for the New year: "they will like you."