No one taught me how to fall in love.

No one taught me how to fall in love.
I've been getting negative grades, and I can't graduate.


so of course I didn't ask him for a gift. After all, I have fallen in this pit many times.

during the metalworking internship at school, there was a course on polishing iron tools. On a whim, he decided to give me a DIY gift.

so, after thinking about it, he hit a school badge of his school when he struck iron and gave it to me:)

"I've worked very hard on this, so you must take good care of it."

this time I couldn't help it. I yelled at him: "look who gave his girlfriend a school badge!"

he went back for deep self-reflection, and two days later, I received a picture: he carved my name on the back of his mobile phone with a laser.

in fact, I was a little moved at that moment, but he did not hesitate to destroy the atmosphere:

"you can only look at this, but I can't give it to you."

maybe he felt the anger of "the other party is typing" on the dialog box, and he immediately tried to remedy it:

"but when I get a new phone, I can still give it to you."

Oh, man.

I remember walking down the street with him on Valentine's Day one year. Every time I passed a flower shop, I would stop for a while and keep implying, "these flowers are really beautiful." Seeing a girl passing us with flowers in her hand, I pretended to be envious and said, "I've never received flowers before."

looking at him thoughtfully, I firmly believe that my goal has been achieved.

sure enough, there was an extra bouquet of flowers in my birthday present a month later.

A bunch of soap flowers:)

he proudly asked me for credit: "Baby, this is practical and will not fade. It is much better than real flowers. You must like it very much."

OK, OK, I like:)

in straight men's unreasonable gift-giving ideas, practicality always trumps romance.


I once wondered whether he really didn't understand or simply didn't want to spend money for me. After all, all romance costs money.

but although he doesn't know how to celebrate the holidays, he is willing to spend all his free time with me.

I eat meat, and he is a vegetarian, and when he is lucky, he can still eat my leftover meat, constantly emphasizing that "I can be full when I have rice."

I said I wanted to run at night, and he immediately placed an order for a bracelet, which he envied when he saw that I was easy to use.

but his strange idea didn't let him buy one for himself. He went online and picked out a me with more and more advanced functions, and took the old one back for his own use.

the day he put the new bracelet on me, he kept bb in my ear like a salesman: "this is even more powerful, and you can measure your heart rate."

he's like my trash can, receiving my idle skincare products, T-shirts that I don't want to wear, selfie sticks scanned, and electric toothbrushes bought on a whim but left in the corner.

it's hard to find a reason for this willingness other than love.


speaking of stupid things, I always think of the boy who had a crush on me in junior high school.

Be ready to buy yourself the elegant modest homecoming dresses and stand out in a crowd. Allow to be served with the coolest tastes available.

seeing me frowning, he immediately turned to the milk tea shop to buy a cup of milk tea, forced it into my hand, and rode away without saying a word.

the fact is that I often run into each other by mistake with that person who does not meet the standard, and accidentally walk a long way hand in hand.

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after all, the word "comfortable" is the deepest meaning of getting along with both sexes.

Li Xiaohuan

We want to give you a reason to continue to face this lousy life

Li Xiaohuan

We want to give you a reason to continue to face this lousy life

Li Xiaohuan

We want to give you a reason to continue to face this lousy life