No one cares about the growth of boys.

No one cares about the growth of boys.
Everyone grows up from getting along with others. There are no shortcuts.

but in fact, for those of us born in the post-90s, the college entrance examination was a few years ago, and the excitement of telling the world when we graduated was long gone.

that is the seniors and seniors who have been added before for various reasons, the sunshine of May, the wanton smile, the perfect composition, everything seems to bode well for the future.

but to my surprise, all I saw were messy workstations, breakfast put off until noon, and I could only return to the status quo of a simple rental house on the third Ring Road in the early morning.

▲ "those years" represents a group of boys' process from indifference to indifference, which often begins because of a girl.

when I saw it, I suddenly had a little sore nose, because it sounded like he didn't understand. After all, he had a lot of more important things to do after work.

when I was at school, the teacher would say, when you can't play basketball, the more important thing now is to learn.

now I'm working. Even if the boss doesn't bother to talk about it, colleagues will take the initiative to remind you that now is not the time to be distracted. Others are working hard. They don't have enough experience. If you do something else, you may not have to go to work tomorrow.

the deeper you hide, the more mature you look.

but boys don't want to hide who they really are.

when she met her junior high school classmate before, she sat down and asked me mysteriously, did you know that so-and-so is now a new oriental chef?

but his situation is obviously much worse than ours, and he doesn't want to gloat, so I pretended not to be surprised and simply replied, "that's right."

but it is unexpected and inaccurate, because when you think about it, it seems that the boys who are famous have no other way out of school except to learn the skills they depend on for a living.

School used to be their utopia, in which they could slack off, chase out their homework, skip class with their brothers and play games in black Internet cafes. Life seems easy.

the old bluff suddenly didn't work. Everyone pulled up the seedlings and asked them to grow up immediately, and the childish form that they were used to became an unforgivable crime.

the other day I asked vivi if he wanted his boyfriend to be a very mature person.

I think that this seems to be the case. we all hope that boys can have a sense of responsibility, the ability to solve problems, and have a mature and optimistic attitude.

in other words, we hope that by the time we meet him, he will be mature, so that he does not have to pay the possible price for his growing up and do not have to be sad for his ignorance.

if everyone wants to avoid ignorant boys, they will only pretend that they have grown up, not really grow up.

accept that you will occasionally want to escape, sometimes speak without thinking, will think more about yourself than others, and will not be able to face the problem quietly.

it's not their fault if there's no one to help them learn this.

so every time I see those boys who are criticized because they are naive, I feel a little sad and helpless. Everyone grows up from getting along with others sincerely, and there are no shortcuts.

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Lu Yifei

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