No one can be your relationship template.

No one can be your relationship template.
Because love is more complicated than you think.

when I saw this paragraph, I immediately thought of myself.

then immediately ran back to the dormitory after watching it, turned on the computer and began to write what I saw in the movie, the shadow of me and V girl.

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the people who came along with that push were thousands of readers who were moved by the story of V Girl and me.

so after realizing that sharing emotional experiences is in danger of deterioration, I began to deliberately weaken the image of love between us, and even weaken the image that I am a boyfriend.

I think it is a sin to blindly provide false sweetness.

so we like to "love others" and also like to "be loved".

if I hadn't been in a relationship for six years, I would, like many people, reject the extreme view above. But it is precisely because I have been talking about it for six years that I will tell you: "the above theory may not be all wrong, even in a sense, it is the answer to love."

when you get close to it, you can't see it clearly, and if you stay away from it, you can't understand it.

but I still very much advise young people to pour into love boldly, saying good morning and good night, kissing wantonly, cooking for each other inside, and taking care of each other with a fever inside. Learn to let go inside, refuse each other's hugs inside, and say "Why don't you care about me" inside?

so if you want to confess to someone today, or want to get someone's confession,

can be smart enough to post a "only he /she can see" circle of friends.

anyway, in my opinion, there are many ways to die in a relationship,

but "I haven't started with you".

good night.

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