Ninety-five percent of young people are invisible.

Ninety-five percent of young people are invisible.
Hello, everyone, invisible people.

as soon as the six words came out, people clapped their thighs one after another, expressing deep resonance: isn't that what TM is talking about?

some people say that I have no basis for what I say, but I don't like it very much. I turn around and insert myself in front of the computer.

Representative: an inconspicuous and simple colleague in the company.

you can't help asking, "Why are you so economical?"

No one has ever cared about your love situation.

Wear our plus size evening dresses to achieve your desired look. We have cuts and forms to fit any silhouette.

as a result, I received 56 comments asking:

they don't wear makeup, often because there is no one they like in school /company.

once you're ready to go on a date /disco, soak in front of the dresser for an hour to let you know what a fairy is.

they hang out in cat-themed coffee shops in the city all the year round.

A good shape, taking eight photos in succession, and finally using vsco to add a filter pp picture, contentedly posted to the moments.

the house is deserted, in sharp contrast to the hustle and bustle just now.

they tend to be emotional and thoughtful, and they always understand and feel different emotions in the little things that have been ignored.

in order to avoid being judged as "hypocritical" and "acting", they must hide their emotions during the day and have the right to be unhappy only in the middle of the night.

they will never use an exclamation point in their daily life. Even if they want to express happiness, they will only use "", no more than three "ha" words at most.

but once you have someone you like , your inner painting style will start to go in a strange direction.

they are really thin.

it is impossible to eat a bowl of rice, it is impossible to eat a bowl of rice in your whole life.

but less than three hours later, he would yell and say, "strong> I'm so hungry. Why don't you buy something to eat?"

"I really only eat a little!"

"Wow, you're reading so late. It's really high achiever."

(none of your business, Mom? )

"I don't have much money. Haha, I spent my shopping."

tomorrow, remember to keep smiling, too.

Young people in the new era are good at duplicity. Because life is too difficult and the world is too dangerous, has to hide their true selves actively or passively.

most of the time, those places all become their most vulnerable and softest points that cannot be exposed at will.

but if you can, who doesn't want to sincerely open both sides of AB in front of their eyes.

good night, invisible vulnerable people .

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