Nine times out of ten, boys in love will become sissies.

Nine times out of ten, boys in love will become sissies.
Who's not a little girl yet.

I stared at his little tail finger for five seconds, and he ignored me and became more and more slow.

grin, the little finger is warmer, and the movement is warm and swallowing.

I had a mouth full of toothpaste and freed up my hand to try to press his little finger down. Unexpectedly, this little thing was unusually strong at the moment.

because of my incompetence, Mr. Yang became confident and simply put up an orchid finger, making his toothbrush more and more beautiful.

"not allowed!" I spat at the bubble and ordered him.

"that's what I am." Boss Yang acted in a coquettish manner.

believe me, there is no such thing as "original". Boss Yang started after we dated.

later, I asked some girls in the address book and heard some interesting stories, all of which reflected that "love transforms boys."

maybe how much a boy likes you, how much he wants to be your best friend.

I want to share these stories with you according to the degree of femininity. It may be useless, but it's interesting.

be a good duck.




three months later, the unskinned man was not very good. In addition to being able to drive, he became a platypus.

Walking duck is right, duck. I'm eating duck. What are you doing? duck.

Duck is so essential that any sentence added with this word looks like a coquettish anger.

even if a big brother rushes into a hotel and sees his wife having an affair with a friend, if he yells, "what are you doing?"

We all have reason to suspect that he is just blaming himself for not being able to join in and has no resentment.

so, after my boyfriend became a duck, I obviously felt much closer to him.

learning from a duck with your heart may be the first key to open a girl's heart.

apply what you have learned.

Learning starts with imitation.

A boy who becomes more and more feminine day by day must like to talk like a girlfriend.

I have a friend in a large stall who is very good at acting coquettish and will screw the caps of the bottle for us, who are nibbling on brine.

recently, she fell in love. In private, thankfully, we didn't have to screw the cap of the bottle.

result two days ago, she brought her boyfriend to the big stall for the first time and unscrewed the bottle of Coke herself for the first time.

when Coke snapped angrily, I felt that everyone was eating duck wings more slowly.

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when asked why, a friend said that the boy was very good at imitating her tone and actions.

whenever she gave him the soda bottle, the boy pretended to twist it a few times and said he couldn't do it, and then gave it back to her.

every time she acts coquetry, she is bounced back by her boyfriend.

"Gee, boys are so spoiled." My friend suddenly became fierce.

girls are still careful to act coquettish. One day, their boyfriend will give it back to you twice as much.

@ Ajing

I have wanted to be protected for a long time.

once, I made a bet with my boyfriend that he lost.


(the word "Niang" mentioned above is not about sexual orientation, nor is it a derogatory term. )

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