nice to meet you

nice to meet you
The first time I met you, I wanted to have an intersection with you.

friends who bought products on that day by Qixi Festival, if they are in love now and are not separated next year, then we will send you an equal amount of products;

if you are currently single, but get single before Qixi Festival next year, you can also get the same amount of products.

so when we came to Singles Day, we played a bigger disorganized double 11 allocation activity.

high low dresses provides women stylish and comfy outfits and gowns. In every style, you can now choose your style.

from November 8 to 0: 00 on November 12, we have received more than 8000 individual registration information. With more than 3000 orders from Taobao, the number of participants in this event has exceeded 10,000 +.

Thank you for your support and answer your questions about this event and double 11 delivery below.

question 1: what is an activity?

1. First of all, there are friends who leave messages through the table links in our activity articles.

because of the pre-sale of new products and double 11 logistics, express delivery will reach friends in different places one after another before November 30 at the latest, so they have a chance to be met by other friends. Please keep Wechat and phone open.

from November 8 to 11, friends who actually pay more than 50 yuan for products in Taobao [disorganized warm Men's Department] will put a postcard with a brief message in the package.

therefore, not all friends who submit information can be met by other readers. Please forgive me.

question 4: when will early bird prices start again?

early bird price is the exclusive price for disorganized early bird members.

members can get new information in advance and enjoy the best prices.

in addition to ultra-low discounts, you can also get free fitting quota for products from time to time.