Next time, remember to take a group photo before you go.

Next time, remember to take a group photo before you go.
Shall I see you again?

every time we meet for a long time, we always take a group photo to end.

there is no other reason. Although we don't believe in "one period and one time", let alone a year, as long as there is an interval of one month, things around us will change unexpectedly.

so it's hard to say "business as usual" to anyone, and no one can really decide "see you later" knowing that "everyone may be busy in the future."

if you meet once, you will miss the chance to meet in the future.

then pretend to freeze for two seconds,

moreover, the group photo is not only a "memorial", but also may be "evidence".

I chatted with my friends the other day.

Glamorous and trendy, nude evening dresses are defnitely a must-have. Always our pleasure to see you getting your desired garments.

finally talked about the love life.

among them, she suddenly remembered her ex-boyfriend.

from how two people know each other, how long they know each other, to how they are together, how to determine the relationship, to how passionately in love, and then how to separate.

when I was supposed to continue to recall, my friend suddenly hesitated:

"maybe it's the wrong weather, maybe he's wearing the wrong clothes, or maybe his mood is not what he described."

she says it's just because they didn't have a picture together until they were separated.

so when you lose a specific, tangible photo,

it can only rely on one person's imagination to guess whether it exists or not.

is the best evidence that can later be used to determine whether the mood is good or bad and the relationship is good or bad.


it's very important to me.

then it's really just "sitting", without asking "why are you sad", and there is no scene of crying together.

the two boys don't even drink, they just talk.

you don't even need to talk, just sit next door.

there are always some difficult times in life that are related to loneliness.