New year's Gift: your boyfriend actually knows you are angry all the time.

New year's Gift: your boyfriend actually knows you are angry all the time.
After a year of creation, I have a feeling.

but I am not showing off or boasting with the above data, but I just want to prove one other thing to you:

I am extremely professional in making my girlfriend angry .

one, breaking up because of a quarrel is the stupidest breakup.

that friend, we have known each other for three years since we were a sophomore.

when she spoke, she complained that "the time is not right" and said, "We might handle it better in two years' time."

she asked, "Why?"

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V woman interrupts: "Why?"

in the first case, the other party gives in everything in order not to quarrel, and the other party is often in hindsight at such a moment. He does not know that there is no quarrel because one party is giving way, so let the situation continue.

and the second situation is that when it comes to the quarrel, the two sides constantly review the content of the last quarrel and say, 'here you go again,' so turn this question into a 'problem all the time'. It's easy to understand that you broke up in discord in the end, right? "

"what should I do?" My friend asked me.

maybe it comes to the sore spot, so my friend sipped the lemon tea for a long time.

although in that part, I talked eloquently as if I would never make that mistake.

when she talked to her girlfriend, she said she also remembered that she had put all her old clothes in a big bag at Uniqlo and was going to leave with the words "you'll send me back the other clothes." Fortunately, I came back to my senses and asked her a few questions, not about the argument, but about "am I really that selfish" and "do you really hate me?"

after waiting for a long time, she replied, "who told you not to apologize?"

in hindsight, it was the closest we had to a complete breakup. Because I know her, and she knows me, and when it comes to the moment of "send me the clothes back", neither of them will look back.

it makes me realize one thing, that is, all arguments are emotional problems in the end.

three, your boyfriend actually knows you are angry all the time.

found that in fact, everyone (including me) is not as stupid as described on the Internet, but many people told me: "in fact, most of the time, I can detect the unhappiness of my girlfriend." "

it was only when I heard an answer from a friend that I understood it. He said," I'm afraid. "

" if you are afraid that you can detect it today, but not tomorrow, there will be trouble.

Liu Bai wrote an article entitled "some girls want sugar-free ice on the rocks when they fall in love". In fact, not only girls or boys, but a better relationship is "slightly sweet."

so in fact, everyone should pay their own efforts for "slightly sweet".

this way, the relationship will be healthier.

although my whole article today seems to be speaking for my boyfriends, I must tell you that girlfriends also want to know what their boyfriends are thinking.

Women account for 80%.

their answer is simple: "I just want to know what my boyfriend thinks during a fight."

so, it is true that both men and women have made a lot of efforts to make a relationship go this far.

I hope to observe more people in 19 years.

I'll make my girlfriend angry in the future.

Song /Mak Junlong-Yong 17